Road trip to Keukenhof, Netherlands – Part 2/2

In continuation to part 1…

It was not a warm day, which made strolling around the beautiful gardens rather difficult. We had parked about 10 minutes away from Keukenhof, and walked to it while braving a gust storm. As we already had our tickets, we just had to present them and in we went.

Keukenhof is a huge park, with greens and flowers covering most of it. There are a few canals, play area for children, manmade lakes, a restaurant, couple of souvenir shops, boat ride facility and three pavilions. The day we went, there was a Rose show in Oranje Nassau Pavilion, Anthurium and Orchid show in Beatrix Pavilion, and Amaryllis, Potted Bulb and Plant show in Willem-Alexander Pavilion.

Come with me as I walk through the beautiful grounds of Keukenhof, and check out all the shows happening at the three pavilions.

We had about two hours to explore the park, and wish had one more. Three to four hours are enough to get around the entire park. If weather permits, you can event hang outdoors and have a little picnic by the lake.

There was also a flower parade the same day, but we had missed it when it passed through Keukenhof. So, we decided to drive further ahead, towards Harlem, and catch up with it. A quick video of it will be coming up next, in the addendum of this series.

Post flower parade and pizza dinner in the car, we drove back to Cologne, which was both uneventful and relaxed.

I am not a nature person and still enjoyed Keukenhof immensely. I would be open to visiting the next year, if weather is nicer than it was on the 13th. Did I mention that there was a hail storm as we were retracing our steps to the main entrance? Yes, it started with small rounds of ice that ended up in our hair and on our coats, but by the time we reached the car there has huge thumbnail-sized balls raining down! I’d never seen anything like it! You could hear them thumping down onto the car and we decided it was too dangerous to drive, so we had to sit and wait it out. Once it had finished, we checked the car for damage and realised there were quite a few little dents. Back at home, we’d usually visit Superior Dent Solutions for auto hail repair but I had no idea where to go here. I guess we will have to work that out. FUN!

So, if the weather would be nice (no more hail, please), I would definitely like to go back next year. Keukenhof a solid 8.5/10 for me.

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