Road trip to Keukenhof, Netherlands – Part 1/2

I had heard about the infamous tulip fields in Netherlands even before I came to Europe. And how could have I not, considering it is one of Bollywood’s favourite location to film at? Gorgeous women running away from their naughty beaus, sari’s pallu flying, tulips swaying.

Anyway. So I knew about the tulip fields but what I did not know was that Keukenhof in Netherlands is one of the most popular fields and has a two month exhibition (of sorts) every year to display thousands of different tulip varieties. I had been planning to visit since 2016, but something or the other would derail my plans. Resolving to make this THE year, I planned the trip a couple of weeks in advance, and finally, on 13 April 2019 (aka our 6th wedding anniversary), we made it to Keukenhof.

Preparing for the trip

Keukenhof is about 280kms away from Cologne. There is a possibility to travel both by bus and train, but we preferred renting a car so we could work around our own schedule. It was our anniversary and we just did not want to be rushed.

Tip for folks living in Germany – we often rent cars for trips and almost always via They list most car rental providers and you can pick the one that meets your requirements and budget. It’s like sky scanner for car rentals.

Anyway. So we rented a car for 24 hours, bought tickets for Keukenhof online from their website (17€ per person), looked for free parking spots close to the park (there is parking inside that costs 6€ but we cheap like that) and waited for 13th April to arrive.

The Day

We had to pick up the car from the airport, which is a gazillion miles away (south-east), and then retrace our mechanical steps as Keukenhof is north-west. Point of this lesson in geography is that N went alone to pick up the car, so I could have a few extra minutes (actually an hour and a half) to get dressed. Bless him.

He got back, had quick lunch (it was noon already), and then we got on our way. I have made a video of our trip to Keukenhof, so that you can feel like you are with us on this trip. You see what I saw. Wie cool ist das!

A tour of Keukenhof, glimpses of flower parade and deets of return journey in the next part. Cheerios amigos.

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