I wanted Nando’s in Berlin, and ended up at Piri’s

I came across Piri’s because I missed chicken and spice on a single platter. Google suggested Piri’s Chicken Burger, so N and I got on our way to check it out.

It is an Australian concept, inspired by Portuguese breaded chicken breast burgers, and offers a spicy alternative to familiar mince meat patties. There are also a few beef cheese and steak burgers as well as vegetarian options. What makes Piri different than other chicken burger places is the sauce – ranging from mildly spicy to traumatic. Then there are crispy, specially seasoned fries, to nicely round off the meal.



The star of the meal was certainly the sauce, and it was as traumatic as they claimed. My spice threshold is higher than a normal person’s, and Gravedigga was overwhelming, even for me. The quality of bread and salad is standard. The patty, however, was slightly disappointing. It was thin and lacked meat (pun intended).
I have already been to Piri’s three times and will most likely go again in future. Their sauces demand and deserve nothing less.

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