Brands and blogger collaboration is not a novel concept. Influencer industry is a lucrative and powerful platform, which has propelled one too many brands towards ‘sold out’ euphoria. Germany, in comparison, has been slightly reluctant to endorse this online phenomenon, discounting it as flimsy and unauthentic. But this tide was too strong to be derailed and has now made its way into most households to influence purchase decisions. So, acceptance was the only way forward for labels.

Keeping up with the trend, Kauf Dich Glücklich (KDG), a multi-brand concept with 22 stores across Europe, teamed up with 23-year old Nanda Weskott (of Nanda Schwarz) to create a capsule collection, titled ‘See You’, comprising  10 unique pieces. It was launched yesterday at their store in Cologne, and I had the pleasure of viewing it first hand.

The collection combines Nanda’s vintage aesthetics with KDG’s design expertise. Silhouettes are trendy and comfortable, with classics that can outlive seasons. Natural materials like corduroy and linen have been put to use in summer appropriate colours, like cherry red, olive and beige. What I loved the most were the prints on t-shirts; the full moon with a pout and Nanda’s portrait illustrated in a yellow box. I don’t come across such aesthetics among local designers, and was very pleased with the perfect balance of chic and comfy. I can think of at least 4 ways to style these shirts, so full points for versatility. The striped shorts and sage jumpsuit were also stand outs for my palate – but my body and rolls wouldn’t make it possible to pull it off.

At the launch event, I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Nanda and Ka (store manager, KDG). I asked Nanda about her design philosophy and she said that comfort and classic were high on the list. Her favourite piece, a striped t-shirt dress, is so easy to wear, timeless and can be worn throughout the year. ‘I had a lot of fun working on this collection and would love to do something like this again,” she added. Along with fashion, she is also eyeing opportunities for collaboration with interior design and furnishing brands.

KDG has an urban, chic vibe. The carefully curated collections, from clothing to shoes, accessories, bags and home ware, weave a cosmopolitan story. During my conversation with Ka, she mentioned that the store is made up of love and the owner duo are still very involved with operations. ‘She is here even before the store opens, and always has so many ideas of ways to make things better,’ she said about one of the owners, Andrea. In response to ‘what’s trendy for summers?’, she said, ‘colours and flared pants’. I say, amen!

The collaboration is worthy of an entire post because 1) the pieces were good enough for me to buy one on the spot 2) it sets a precedent for Cologne-based brands to follow and encash the influencing power of a content creator and 3) it reminds bloggers that there are multiple ways to, for a lack of better expression, earn a living. Being an Instagram model is not be all and end all.

P.S I bought the portrait t-shirt and will try to shoot the look for you before the weekend. Cheerios!