What makes Taurus a great catch!

24th April 2019 Shaheen Rajan 0

Spring is in full swing, marking the arrival of the Taurus season. Rejoice! It’s time to get out of hibernation mode and let the bulls run free *GoT theme song* As an Earth sign, ruled under the goddess of Venus, with Taurus you’ll be sure to get a dose of […]

Best of Pantene HUM Showcase’19 – Day 3

23rd April 2019 Shaheen Rajan 0

Someone turned up the colour faucet to full force on day three of Pantene HUM Showcase 2019, as designers like Khaadi Khaas, Wardha Saleem and Sana Safinaz painted the ramp in all possible colours. In contrast, Rizwan Beyg chose to suck the colour quotient out and pump a truckload of […]

Best of Pantene HUM Showcase’19 – Day 2

22nd April 2019 Shaheen Rajan 0

Day 1 of Pantene HUM Showcase 2019 left me with a really good feeling about what’s to come in day two and three. And surprisingly, my usually-useless-instinct was right. Day two of showcase had some fabulous fashion moments, with nostalgia woven handloom fabric on Umer and Imrana’s runway, pattern magic […]

Best of Pantene HUM Showcase’19 – Day 1

22nd April 2019 Shaheen Rajan 0

If I see bridal joras on a Pakistani fashion week’s runway, I automatically switch off. Unless it is Bridal Week, of course. Pakistani fashion designers have long struggled to create ensembles that are beyond the wedding realm, and have time and again plugged in wedding appropriate fashion at prêt-à-porter and […]

4 at-home exercises for firm breasts

18th April 2019 Shaheen Rajan 2

As soon as I crossed the 30-year threshold, I started seeing things that I my 29-years-11-months-self didn’t even think about – like breasts pointing to Tokyo and London at the same time, and falling for gravity (no pun intended). The good news here is that, like rest of our body, […]

Road trip to Keukenhof, Netherlands – Part 2/2

17th April 2019 Shaheen Rajan 0

In continuation to part 1… It was not a warm day, which made strolling around the beautiful gardens rather difficult. We had parked about 10 minutes away from Keukenhof, and walked to it while braving a gust storm. As we already had our tickets, we just had to present them […]