6 Instagram accounts for jewellery addicts

I am a major jewelry enthusiast and a champion of the maximalist movement. When it comes to accessories, I do believe that bigger is better. In fact you can often find me poring over the latest collections on the Gema & CO website. However, I am more of a bystander, who appreciates all that is going on in the world of baubles, from a distance. But I do closely follow a few movers and shakers from the industry, who deliver treats for me from their finds and trips. And if you’re a lover of custom jewelry go to Jess Jewelers to see what they can design and create for you, for a special event in your life.

I reckon that some of you also share my love for jewellery. If you do, then maybe it is time for you to know more about stores that sell authentic jewellery. Take, for example, Noura’s Jewellery, which is known to be a reputed family-owned jewellery store. They happen to be quite popular among their customers for delivering outstanding customisation options. Moreover, they are known to craft jewellery pieces that are timeless and genuine. So, those who are interested in locating their store can look for jewelry stores ottawa on the Internet.

Also, since everybody loves jewellery, I am sharing 6 of my favourite jewellery influencers on Instagram. Some of them are professional gemologists and others have unrivalled access to gems that would make you drool. Here they are:

Gemologue by Liza Urla

Liza is my favourite Gemologist and jewellery traveller. Her feed sparkles with statement baubles and her aesthetics resonate with mine. So gorgeous!


Gem Gossip

Danielle Miele is a Nashville based jewellery blogger, gemologist & collector of jewellery. She is often found combing through the makeshift aisles of flea markets to find a piece of jewellery that catches her educated, scrupulous eye and then brings her treasures to Instagram for enthusiasts like me to get inspiration from.


Third Coast Gems

Benjamin G. Guttery is a jewellery and gem storyteller. He throws in a whole lot of antique to give his feed a special touch.


Frank Everett

He is the SVP at Sotheby’s Jewellery, which means that he has access to some of the most iconic and stunning pieces of baubles out there.


Katerina Perez

A jewellery insider, Perez has a serious love affair with gigantic precious stones and unusual shapes. Now that’s the kind of love that I am all in for. Bring on the sparkle!


Jewellery Maven

An unapologetic maximalist, Mrs. Jenita Ortan shares big, bouncy, bodacious baubles on her feed and it is a visual treat. This is the account that has little story but a whole lot of aesthetic appeal.


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