5 websites to buy/sell pre-loved items in Germany

Trade of second hand items is on a rise in Germany, more so now than ever before. They can be treasure troves, and often you find things that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Also, you can get really good prices while being sustainable in your purchases, you just need to look hard enough. Sites like barbieinablender.org offer environmentally friendly underwear for reasonable prices. What’s more, when it comes to buying and selling, it’s not just simple buying and selling of previously owned items. There are quite a few different models in the market now, which I discovered only recently. You can also buy to use and keep or return, rent items for special occasions and subscribe to personally curated fashion boxes. I found a number of platforms but loved the following 5 websites for pre-loved items enough to immediately subscribe (to their newsletter).


It is an online platform for buying and selling books, films, CDs, games and clothing. Sellers can sell their pre-loved wares to Momox, who then recycle and resell it via their own platform, as well as ubup, Ebay and Amazon. It is a great way to let your books and CDs, which are only collecting dust at your place, find new homes.


If you are in the market for used electronics or media items, you probably need to pay reBuy a visit. Headquartered in Berlin, It was founded a decade ago and currently operates in Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain and Italy. You can find both inexpensive and expensive wares here. When an item is sold against fixed price, in-house experts evaluate the item and ensure that it is fit for resale. Every electronic item sold by reBuy also comes along 36-month reBuy warranty.


Of all the models, I love this the most. Myonbelle is a fashion box service, where you receive clothing and accessories, which you can use and return. If you like something, you can buy it (and at particularly attractive member prices with discounts of up to 70% of the normal price). There are 3 subscription boxes – small one gets you two garments, medium box has two garments and two accessories, and the large one contains three garments and two accessories. The range comprises of casual and formal clothing, and you can return the box (for free) as many times as you want. The sizes go up to 44, professionally cleaning in taken care of by Myonbelle and membership can be terminated monthly.


The Munich-based company, founded by Natascha and Gernot Grün, was founded in 2012 and deals in designer clothing and dirndl from international fashion labels for hire. The rent for 4 days is about 15% of the regular purchase price, and ladies in Munich can also visit Dresscoded’s showroom to try before renting. They also sell wares, at up to 75% discount, and designers include Escape, Jimmy Choo, Cavalli, Moschino, Mawi (love this one)Missoni, Valentino, Stella McCartney and Versace.


This is a German version of eBay, dealing mainly in women and men’s fashion. Seller uploads photos of what s/he has to sell, sets a price and you can buy it if it tickles your fancy. Purchases can be insured with Gyroscope Buyer Protection, similar to that PayPal offers. Kleiderkrisel can be a good option for someone who’s new to town and needs to stock up on weather appropriate clothing. Or someone who has an eye to sift through a pile for that stellar piece.

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