I have crushed on Madiso’s jewellery longer than I have had on any man, ever.

I love big, chunky, statement necklaces, and it should come as no surprise that I am a major Madiso fan. Madiha Muzaffar, the designer behind Madiso, creates one-of-a-kind jewellery, and every single piece from her is a form of art. From aesthetics to construction and narrative, there is a cohesive artistic story, which can alleviate any outfit, in a snap. When selecting jewellery to go with my own outfits, I always try to make a point of consulting this necklace length chart to ensure that whatever piece I select is a perfect fit for me, otherwise, it can look not quite right for the dimensions of my body.

I have had the pleasure to wear Madiso once. I borrowed it from ValleyDez, where I managed marketing and communications for the luxury retail house. It was for an award show, and I paired it with a Mademoiselle Snob steel grey cocktail dress. I did an entire blog post on my outfit back then – it is mortifying but you can check it out here if you like. Since then, circa 2013, I have meaning to get my hands on one of her necklaces. Still trying.

Madiha hails from Islamabad, and has been living in Dubai since 2001. She honed her skill at American University in Dubai, and has since carved a niche for her designs. Each piece from Madiso is a unique formation of organic shapes that are hand worked, are one of a kind and cannot be reproduced identically; they are a personal expression of ideas and narratives, thoughtfully planned and put together.

“My ever-present fascination with nature is the thread that runs though all my designs and collections – organic shapes and natural stones being the DNA of the brand,” Madiha was quoted by Birik Butiq, and I concur.

I couldn’t get an update from the designer about her upcoming collections and future plans by the time this post was published. If she reverts with any further details, I will update this post and reshare it with you.

Currently, Madiso is available at Harvey Nichols Dubai & Hong Kong, Bloomingdales Dubai, Tryano Abu Dhabi, Etoile, Saks Fifth Avenue Bahrain & Kazakhstan. A few pieces can also be found online, at Anthropologie.

Now, let’s indulge in a jewelgasm. Presenting some of Madiso’s designs:

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