5 THOUGHTFUL and EXPENSIVE ways to pamper your lady (Women’s Day Special)

This one is for my boys. Do not, for a second, think that the woman in your life is waiting for you to treat her like a princess; she is a queen, with or without your validation. However, it is still important to show appreciation for all the love and little/big things she does for you. I don’t mean a set of heavenly fragrant toiletries from TheBodyShop as a thank you present; I am angling for something more thoughtful, elaborate, expensive and special. I understand that most men struggle in this department, so here are 5 ideas to get you going. What will make any of these ideas PERFECT is your understanding of the woman and what she likes. These are a few things that most women love but find spending money on rather frivolous and skip instead. So if you can orchestrate them according to her preferences, you got it.

Spa day:

Treat her to a day of pampering and relaxation at a local spa. Book her in for head-to-toe services, like protein treatment for hair, facial, manicure, pedicure, full body exfoliation and massage. Throw in an eyelash extension if she likes that sort of a thing (I do!).

Dig out a hobby:

Long before life and responsibilities happened, she had hobbies. It could be singing, dancing, pottery, gardening, reading, jumping off a plane, underwater activities, or something else. But with time, she pushed them off her list because there is only so much that she can do in 24 hours. Find out what that is, and get her back into it. You can get her enrolled into a class (but do not commit monetarily just yet in case she is not interested anymore) or book an activity with open date.

Food tour:

If your lady is a foodie, plan a day of exploring your city (or a neighbouring one) through its many hidden gems of restaurants and cafes. Start the day with an elaborate breakfast, followed by a snack, expansive late lunch (3 to 5 courses) and a cosy late night dinner. Plug in a lot of walking, so you can explore street side food options and build up your appetite as well.

Gift card > $500:

Ready to dish out the dough? I am suggesting a gift card for a luxury store. If she likes makeup, try Sephora. If she’s into fashion, think Galeria Kaufhof or Net-a-Porter. Liberty for a lover of books, and Booking.com for a travel monkey. Just steer clear of her usual hotspots, like H&M and Zara.

A holiday:

Ah, the ultimate indulgence. A weekend away to a beautiful destination, perhaps to one of the villas in Jamaica for a luxury break in spectacular and private settings. This is where you take care of everything and set her free of everything ordinary in life. Hotel, breakfast, spa appointment, travel tickets and hotel transfers. The ultimate getaway. She has enough to keep her busy but not enough to feel rushed.

I am pro-grand gestures and I think every woman needs it every now and then. So loosen those man-purse’s strings and get ready to make your woman a very happy one!

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