If I loved Cardio half as much as I love a good brunch, I’d probably never be an ounce over normal weight. But it is unlikely to ever happen and I have accepted that such is life. Anyway, back to brunches. What makes it even better is enjoyable company of friends. Sadly, we live in a world where even making a plan to meet friends requires planning. Everyone is busy, and then there is Netflix and Ben&Jerry’s home delivery service. Let’s change this sordid pattern this International Women’s Day. I am helping you out a little here, with suggestions of 10 fabulous brunch places, so that all you have to do is ring (or WhatsApp) your friend, decide on date and time, and show up!

5 cafes that I have been to and loved:

Café Schwesterherz

Schwesterherz literally means ‘sisters at heart’, and I love this concept. It’s a cosy cafe at Venloer Straße, with good food, great service, relaxing ambiance and a warm vibe, like your favourite grandma’s hug. By the way, they make mean pancakes!

Cuisine: International

Address: Venloer Str. 239, 50823 Köln

Cafe Buur

This is probably the most Instagrammed cafe in the city, though that should really not be a surprise. Everything on the menu has a dramatic presentation, be it nutella in an injection or diced fruits in a pineapple shell. I have been to Cafe Buur about five times so far and it is still one of my all time favourite cafes.

Cuisine: International

Address: Richard-Wagner-Straße 28, 50674 Köln

Café Sehnsucht

Slow food movement champions and certified organic, Sehnsucht  has a homely, happy vibe. There are big and small tables, very hommage-isque, and personalised service.

Cuisine: International

Address: Körnerstraße 67, 50823 Köln

Café Extrablatt

This is a treat for all hotel breakfast lovers. There is an expansive variety, and I love how you can go a la carte in case you don’t have a monstrous appetite. Plenty of space and Parisian bistro feels.

Cuisine: International

Address: Alter Markt 28–32, 50667 Köln


Delicious coffee, freshly baked cakes and sandwiches, and lots of space. This is quite a novelty, according to Cologne’s standards. Kaffeesaurus has enough space to host large groups, without creating claustrophobia for anyone.

Cuisine: Patisserie

Address: Friesenpl. 15, 50672 Köln

5 cafes that come highly recommended and I can’t wait to brunch at:

Café Bo

Cuisine: International

Address: Luxemburger Strasse 315, 50939 Köln

Café de Joy

Cuisine: International

Address: Sürther Hauptstraße 57, 50999 Köln

Deleeciosa Boutique & Deli

Cuisine: Spanish and Indonesian inspired

Address: Venloer Straße 401, 50825 Köln


Cuisine: International

Address: Subbelrather Str. 295, 50825, Köln


Cuisine: Patisserie

Address: Auf dem Berlich 3-5, 50667 Köln