My 14 Best Moments of 2018

Hola! How is it going? Are you excited for 2019? I am, and before we ring in a new year, I wanted to go down the memory lane and look at the best of 2018 one last time. I feel 50 shades of narcissistic but this isn’t the first time I am oversharing, so, what the heck! Let’s go. I had so much fun writing this, and hope you can relate and rejoice at some point while reading this.

  1. Family: This year had been amazing on family front. I spent a year with N (yea, in 5 years of marriage, we haven’t spent a single year in continuity together), I met so many children (Awab, Abaan, Umer, Francesca, Monica, and Zara), went to Karachi twice to visit mom, dad and MIL, celebrated Nani Ji’s 80th birthday (extra special), met N’s family – blessed with a whole lot of love and togetherness. And you know what that made me realise? Family is all that matters. Nothing can give me the kind of peace and love that these eccentric souls have this year.

2. Red Hair: I dyed my hair red and LOVED IT. I even blogged about it, and threw in some style advices on how to carry red hair without looking jungli and shaddy.

3. Friends: This year, I reconnected with a whole lot of people who were very very important once upon a time but I had lost touch recently. I am awful at keeping in touch, so this was a little difficult and awkward- whatsapping people that I haven’t spoken to in years. But every single meeting ended with a happy face, and I am so glad I did it. In addition, a few friends became even more special and closer. And alas, German and I had our yearly fight, which ended in three months of complete silence, a blog post to whine aloud, teary patch up and treaty to take turns to ensure that our fights don’t escalate to the point of no communication. I think we are ready to grow up. Almost.

4. Travel: It was while writing this post that I realised that I have lived/travelled through 17 cities this year. It sounds phenomenal to me. This was when N and I actually made an effort to not travel, because we have been doing so much of it in last 2 years. Despite that, I ended up going to 17 cities this year – some for work, two for the blog and others for family or leisure.

5. Work: Ah, one of three loves of my life. Once I resigned from MC, the remaining two months were actually fun. My clients were awesome, their events always made me feel important and my team was a joy to work with, day in day out. Once that ended, Cherry Cross became a full time gig and has been one heck of a ride. From Bata Fashion Week in Milan to London Fashion Week, a handful of collaborations that I truly endorse (I signed my first legal blog cooperation agreement this year as well!) and a guy calling me Cherry Cross at the airport at 5AM, it has been eventful to say the least.

6. Tattoo: I got my first tattoo this year as well. When they say that it is addictive, be sure to listen to them. I wanted another one within next two weeks. But I have decided to stick to only one inking pleasure per year. Another reason to be excited about 2019!

7. Colourful Shaheen: Black is and will forever be my favourite colour when it comes to clothing. Pushing boundaries, I decided to wear anything but black for a month!! It was difficult, but I discovered many hidden gems in my closet. Win win. You can check it all out under #colourfulshaheen.

Shaheen Nouman Rajan
Shaheen Nouman Rajan

8. Mulaqaat with Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini, Aga Khan: Spiritually uplifting, connecting to something bigger than I am.

9. Tandem Biking: I still can’t ride a bicycle but had my first ride on a tandem bike with N. He balanced and I (kind of) pedalled. It was such a thrilling experience! Wind through my hair, singing like a bird…it was AMAZING!

10. Food: Another one of my three loves.  From discovering the best brunch place in Cologne, to spending Rs.18,000 for a dinner for three and having chai and fries at Sarak Siyasat, food has been one constant source of pleasure. I am a Taurean, and food is LOVE. And I nailed Suji ka Halwa as well.

11. Emma’s Wedding: I finally attended a wedding that I cared about this year. After 5 years. None of my remaining few single friends were getting married, so thank god Emma decided to walk down the aisle. I have known Emma since 2006, and feel so glad that I was able to participate. Also, she made a stunning bride!

12. Saree from Mehboob Market: And for her wedding, I also bought my first ever saree. I have never bought one, and sought out Saree Champion, Fattu, to help me out. Anyone who wants to buy a fabulous saree without breaking their bank, please check out Mehboob Market. And bargain for your life.

13. All nighter, in Berlin and Karachi: I always wanted to be a badass who can party all night, but never quite got to do it. This year, I did it, in two cities, going all the way to 7AM. I have a weird bucket list, which also including popping a pill that I neither know contents of or supplier. Gotta go back to Berlin for that one.

14. Vlogging: I shot my first vlog, featuring me, this year. I even bought a ring light. And one of my videos reached over 45,000 views. But this one is my favourite. I am being very ambitious and hoping to post at least one vlog a week in 2019. And on that note, have you subscribed to my YouTube channel? Please do, as a new year’s present to me from you 😀

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you a whole lot of love, success and laughter for 2019.

Shaheen Rajan

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