I have had my hair cut in Germany once before and was too disappointed to do it again. I have too much hair according to European standards, and most hair stylists seem to get lost in the mane. Therefore, I save my dead ends for a chop in Pakistan, at a trusted salon. But it’s that time of the year when my hair demands love and there is no trip to Pakistan in sight. So, albeit with hesitation, I took a chance again with Sezen Style Köln and it worked!

I went for my yearly cut to Sezen Style Köln and asked her to not cut them too short but add layers and volume. And I am kind of obsessed with the result and my new hair. I love the volume she added and defined layers that frame my face (and hide missing jawline).

I recorded the whole process, including embarrassing hair wash, and here it is for you:

I will see the real cut and how it frames my face after the first wash, so stay tuned for that. Until then, I will shamelessly flaunt my hair left, right and centre. 

Update: After a couple of washes, I still like my hair but the blow dry definitely made them a whole lot more voluminous than they are when air dried. I would definitely go back for a blow-dry or updo. And cut if in a pinch.