Burger Wars: Mangal Burger vs Beef Brothers

I take my burgers very seriously, more so than those supplements Mother India packed for me a few months ago. I have been trying out all sorts of places recently, and wanted to share my review. They don’t account for much individually, so how about a face off? Let’s start with newly opened (but with a solid legacy) Mangal Burger versus well-established Beef Brothers.


Mangal Burger is located on Weidengasse, near Hansaring. The street is literally all about Mangal – from restaurant to döner and cafe, Beef Brothers is on Aachener Strasse, flanked by restaurants and cafes.


Where Beef Brothers is basic (other than Tupac Shakur paintings), Mangal has managed to create an ambiance without turning into a fancy restaurant. Walls are adorned with paintings and a display screen, along with faux grass lettering alongside the kitchen. We struggled to find a table at Beef Brothers but found ample seating space at Mangal.


We ordered a classic and chilli burger, with a side of sweet potato fries and drinks, at Beef Brothers. They duly notified us that the chilli is actually hot (habanera), and I nodded yes with a little too much enthusiasm. Everything was freshly prepared, and the burgers were delicious. My chilli one was actually spicy, and I loved every bite of it. The portions are American, so lots of food. Additional love for sweet potato fries done right.

Mangal cashed on their specialities, and have a menu with three burger and two steak options. Sides are limited as well, though house drinks (like lemonade and ice tea) sort of make up for it. We ordered a classic and Sucuk burger, with fries and lemonade. They have a station for sauces, where you can get whichever sauce you like (including Andalouse and Jopie), in whatever quantity you fancy. That is a rare treat as most places skimp on sauces.

I was really excited to try their Sucuk burger, but was hardly impressed. The burgers are relatively smaller in sizes (think Burger King), and the patty and condiments were basic. The only option was normal steak fries, which were good, with complimentary cheese sauce.


Both restaurants are self-service.


Both visits were spontaneous, with little to no expectations. What works for Mangal Burger is that there is decent place to sit, meat is halal and ample sauce variety. Beef Brothers have delicious burgers, sweet potato fries, Tupac on walls and a buzzing vibe.

I’d go back to Beef Brothers.

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