An Animal (Print) Moment

Leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger…currently reigning animal prints for street style, high street fashion label’s window displays and Instagram. Once upon a time, I didn’t approve of it as it was associated with all things tacky and vulgar. I read in Vogue a decade ago that a certain kind of woman wears cheetah in broad daylight, and it stuck. But here’s what makes fashion fun – there are no rules, at least none that stay.

This season is all about animal prints, and the bolder the better. Despite being in your face (they can’t help it), fashion houses took extra care to make sure that they stay clear of crass. I have been stalking and saving animal print looks for a while, and finally decided to go for it last month (to wear at Blogger Cafe event in Berlin).

I looked in stores and online, and finally bought a dress from H&M. My favourite pattern is zebra but as I couldn’t find anything that looked nice and fit, I settled for leopard. It’s a calf-length dress in glossy fabric, buttoned neckline, waist seam and a  detachable belt. I paired them with sheer black leggings and ankle boots.

It’s still available online (and maybe in stores). To shop online, here is the link. Remember children, always share fun and fashion. Cheers!

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