That’s me. Beauty junkie. I love trying out new products and beauty tools, and even more so when they arrive as gifts. But not many people understand beauty, especially if it goes beyond pre-packed gift boxes. So here is the first (of hopefully many) edition of Christmas gift ideas. Now, before you naysayers remind me that I don’t celebrate this particular day, let me just say this – when it comes to gifting, I am one of you!

Philips VisaPure Advanced Anti-Pollution

This 3-in-1-skin care product is what every reader in Karachi (and then the rest of the world) needs. The first brush, anti-pollution, combines a bamboo-finished activated charcoal sponge with smooth bristles that removes even the smallest particles of dirt. Then the revitalizing brush relaxes facial muscles and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Lastly, the cooling Fresh Skin attachment uses its cold ceramic surface to instantly cool and refreshes skin.

Priced at €214.99, it is available on the Philips Online Shop, Saturn and Mediamarkt (online and in the stores) and Amazon.

VisoVibe by B.Kettner

In case Philips’ skin cleaning brush is out of your range (monetarily, temporarily), B.Kettner’s VisoVibe might just do the trick for you. This facial cleansing tool works gently and thoroughly, and also has low-frequency micro-vibrations for skin-tightening effect. The brush has two sides –one for combination and the other side for normal/sensitive skin. Its battery lasts up to 200 applications and it can make a good travel buddy.

VisoVibe cleaning brush with 50 ml cleaning foam is available online for €70.

Golden Caviar by Biodroga

There is something so opulent, extra and OTT about caviar – be it as an appetiser or a beauty product ingredient. Now, we will all be struggling with awfully dry skin, calling for constant moisture application. Unless something works from within. Like Biodroga’s Golden Caviar. It activates cell’s metabolism and microcirculation, hence optimising the moisture level. There is also soy protein to restore the physiological balance and shea butter for enhanced moisture-binding capacity. There is also another little gift inside – Biodroga’s eye contour fluid, which normally retails at €37.

Golden Caviar by Biodroga is priced at €52 and available online, in authorized cosmetics institutes and selected department stores.

Catherine’s Advent Calendar

If you know someone who loves nails as much as I love double chocolate cookie, this advent calendar will make a perfect gift for them. First time ever, Catherine has launched their advent calendar, and it’s called ‘Twenty 4 You’. There are 24 products behind each of the little windows, with a total worth of €135 (which means you save €75).

Catherine Advent Calendar “Twenty 4 You” is priced at €59.95 and available online.

P.S I will be doing a special post for advent calendars that I are LOVE, so stay tuned!

Now that I have a boy on board, I must include grooming options for men too, don’t you think? All for you, Sabeel!

Erbe Shaving Set with Traditional Solingen Razor

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this beauty’s old school charm. Now imagine a rugged bad boy, with a gorgeous tan and teeth whiter than pearls, using it, and then looking at your with a smouldering eye. This alone is a reason why men need this – it is sexy! The set consists of a high-quality, traditional Solingen razor and a silvertip badger with a decorative, glossy finished stand. Hello gorgeous shave!

The set is available in olive wood, burl wood and genuine beef horn handles; available at select speciality store, and priced from €229.

Brisk’s Beard Care

I love a well-groomed beard as much as the girl, but beard burns are real and painful. So, this is what you need as much as your man. Brisk has a range of beard care products that you can put together in a box and present as a gift. I consider their wash gel and beard oil a must, and you can top it up as far as your budget goes. Also, super cute packaging alert!

Brisk wash gel retails at € 4.99 whereas the oil costs €7.99. Available at drugstores (I saw some at DM).