Staycation option in Cologne: 25 Hours Hotel The Circle

As a hospitality journalist in Dubai, I was often offered one to two nights at a hotel to experience their services and possibly include them in my features. This was how I got used to having a mini-vacations (aka staycations) without stepping out of my city. I think it is a great way to relax and rejuvenate, spend uninterrupted time with your Mister, and the costs are usually much lower than what you would spend on travel, accommodation and food, if you were travelling to another city or country.

I want to restart this little tradition again, and have been looking at hotels in Cologne. Also, winter is approaching fast, and Mister and I have no plans to escape. This will be my first FULL winter experience, unless I can teleport my way to Barcelona or Karachi.

Anyway. Back to staycations in Cologne.

25 Hours Hotel The Circle

I recently passed by a majestic building in Friesenviertel, and it said 25hours Hotel The Circle. I came home and asked Mrs. Google about it. She told me that it is in fact a newly opened hotel in the city. The historical building used to be an administrative unit for the Gerling insurance company. Now, it is part of chain hotels with the infamous Monkey Bar (from Berlin?) and a Mediterranean restaurant called Neni on the top (8th floor).

I was attracted to the majestic grey semi-circle exterior, with rock climbing steps and cute little boat-type fixtures in the water. The interiors are a sharp contract to the historical exterior. And all in all, it looks pretty promising for a staycation in Cologne.

Do you have any other ideas on how to make the best of German winters, besides Christmas markets?

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