It’s so pink that candy floss might feel threatened. 

Supercandy Pop-Up Museum arrived in Cologne on September 26th 2018, and will keep the city painted pink for next three months. It has 20 interactive installations, sprawled across 1200sqm.

Unlike other museums, here you can not only look but also touch, sit on, get in and take as many pictures as you like. Every corner boasts perfect lighting and colorful background, so bad pictures are just not possible. It is actually designed for Instagram, and will give your feed a sugar high.

The museum’s exterior is a giant pink blob, and screams for attention. 20 installations promise 20 unique experiences; for example, you get to have a window seat in the Super Class in Supercandy Air, where you see a pink cloud of cotton candy through the window. There is a giant liquorice pool, filled with 100,000 black balls, lets you drown and emerge while your friend takes fabulous pictures (or boomerangs).

Just off the black sea is a world perfectly pink – beach full of pink balls, confetti box, 2000 flamingos and ‘statue of modern self-photography’ where you will learn everything about selfies, belfies, relfies, ussies, nudies, truthies and other …. ies.

The tickets are priced at 29€ per person for a specific slot, which are 30 minutes apart. The entire tour takes about 75-90 minutes to complete. Entry ticket includes free candy, free ice cream free Instax photo, Photo printing station, free beauty station, and a goodie bag.

It is heartbreaking that I have no volunteers to go along with me, and I am till now deprived of the pink experience. I may not be a pink girl (I am more purple and red actually), but it is an experience and what is life if not a bunch of crazy experiences?!

All pictures are courtesy Supercandy Museum on Instagram

21st October 2018

Author: Shaheen Rajan

Need coffee, romance, fashion and manicure to survive. KHI - DXB - CGN  

3 Replies to “Supercandy Museum Köln is what Instagram dreams are made of”

  1. Alice Christina says: 30th October 2018 at 7:36 pm

    Davon hab ich schon viel gehört! Möchte da auch unbedingt einmal hin. Schade, dass ich in Österreich wohne. Aber sobald ich es mal nach Köln schaffe, werde ich mir das Museum aufjedenfall ansehene 🙂

    Liebe Grüße,
    Alice von

  2. LinnisLeben says: 29th October 2018 at 2:16 pm

    davon habe ich auch nun schon was bei Instagram gesehen und habe mir sofort gedacht, dass ich dahin muss! Sowas ist doch wirklich der Traum eines jeden Bloggers! Danke für den tollen Beitrag!

    Liebst Linni

    1. Shaheen Rajan says: 29th October 2018 at 2:45 pm

      I plan on going in December, so let me know if you are still interested xx

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