Let me start by saying, Shaheen, I’m sorry. I’m sure that the third paragraph of my debut post is inappropriate, but hey, that’s me! Although you have convinced me to write, the sweet truth is that writing only comes to me naturally when it involves ‘feelings’. Ask me to write about how I feel, and by God you will be an emotional mess in tears (I can also supply tissues if you need).

I wanted my blogging debut at Cherry Gross, sorry Cherry Cross (now is when Shaheen unsheathes a knife), to be special. So I thought, ‘what’s more dear to me than sex (aka food)?’ Yes, you read that right. But before you all start a keyboard jihad against me, read on. You see, like sex, food is also a source of innate pleasure and can be your route to nirvana, unless it is not done right.

Although I love food, I usually don’t dine out. And when I do, I want it to feel right – just the way sex should. So after sifting through my many experiences, I present to you my two current favourite restaurants in Berlin. The reason they made this rather difficult cut is because they offer good food, great service, nice ambiance and an overall kickass experience.

Night Kitchen

Night kitchen is a culinary gem hidden in Höfe Oranienburger, Mitte. The building, made of red bricks, has an old world charm to it. The interiors live up to expectations that Night Kitchen’s exterior sets, and the luverly staff is a cherry on top.  So much so that it did not feel like we were dining at a restaurant but more like being hosted with my friends to enjoy delicious food.

Our Order:

For starters, we ordered Challah Bread with Tahini-Cumin Butter. The bread was really soft and had a natural flavour. Tahibi-Cumin Butter was incredible – absolutely delectable!

Mains included Tomato Carpaccio, Braised Beef Salad, and Slow Cooked Short Ribs. For me, Ribs were the showstopper – tenderized meat, marinated and cooked with honey sauce and cumin sour cream, and served with cauliflower. The meat could have been jucier though and need not be cooked so well.

The appetizers and mains had set such high standards that desserts at Night Kitchen had trouble keeping up. Unfortunately, the desserts let me down a little. We were served Tiramisu on the house (because of I am cute-totally), and I found the sponge to be super hard and cream was tasteless. It just wasn’t done right.

RSA’s Rating: it was 8/10 (and that’s where I’m taking Shaheen when she is in Berlin the next time).

Katz Orange Berlin

From what little German I know, Katz Orange translates to Orange Cat. Just some random information. You are welcome.

This particular restaurant, Katz Orange, is in a listed building (constructed before 1 July 1948), and was formerly a brewery. It is lit up with warm golden lights, and has a beautiful courtyard in front. The menu, another speciality, is unusually small but focused – few appetizer options and two kinds of mains: seasonal and classic.

Our Order

For starters, I ordered a basket of fries, fried in goose fat (never thought something like this was possible or existed), served with 7-herb homemade dip. The fries tasted nothing like your usual fries. They were long, thick and golden brown. On my first bite, I tasted a hint of salt, devoid of any grease or moisture. Exactly the way I wanted them. And the seven herbs dip was just a cherry on top.

For the mains, I ordered the Spreewälder Lamm. If a vegetarian decides to break his meat virginity, this is the best way to do it – this is how spectacular and special it was. Meat was cooked to perfection, and just fell off the bone and melted in my mouth. Over and over again.

RSA’s Rating: it was 9/10, and that’s another restaurant that I am taking Shaheen to when she is in town time.

Picture courtesy Night Kitchen Facebook and Katz Orange Facebook.