Kicking Monday blues on the first day of October with the latest news and launches from the world of beauty, skin care and makeup.

Ahava Apple of Sodom promises a natural alternative to botox.

Six years of R&D and a toxic apple (from the Dead Sea) is what it took to create Ahava’s latest range of anti-aging wonder products. The composition and technology put together aim to minimise wrinkles in both short and long term.

Avaha Apple of Sodom will be available at selected retailers from October 2018.

LBC Paris attempts to awaken dormant cells to fight again.

Lifestyle choices and environmental factors often work against our skin, which results in loss of elasticity and vitality overtime. LBC Paris claims to reverse this downhill journey with Biocosmétiques series (Bioformule Vitalisante, Camomille Exquisit, Sérum Calmant Anti-Rougeurs and Creme Douce Peaux Sensitive) and Schisandra series (Huile de Soin Anti-Ge, Crème de Soin Anti-Ge Intensive and Sérum Anti-Ge).

Priced from 25.90 onwards, LBC Paris products are available at select beauty stores and online.

Alverde introduces skincare range with gold of south

Natural skincare brand , Alverde’s Naturschön range uses olive oil, often cited as the gold of south, as the main ingredient for their body butter, body lotion, hand cream, facial oil, eye cream, facial serum and cleansing milk. Other forms of olives (such as olive fruit concentrate, olive leaf extracts and olive pits) are also used to ensure maximum moisture and efficient absorption, with a subtle whiff of olive scent for a Mediterranean experience.

Alverde products are available at DM outlets across Germany.

René Furterer protects blond, silver and radiant hair with a dedicated range

Coloured hair needs extra love and one hat fits all is passe as far as hair care is concerned. Jumping on the bandwagon. René Furterer has introduced Okara Colour Protection range, with different products for blond, silver and radiant hair colouration.  Okara Color contains active ingredients to maintain radiance and intensity; Okara Blond gives natural blond, streaked or bleached hair new shine and luminosity; Okara Silver uses violet colour pigments to make unsightly yellowing disappear and ensure a cool shine.

The Okara lines are available from September 2018 in selected hairdressing salons and pharmacies.

Longer lashes and fuller brows with 4ever Young.

The perfume-free, colorless serum claims to promote lash and brow growth, for fuller and longer hair. It contains Widelash, which promises to provides visible effects in just 15 days. The product is dermatologically tested and comes with a foam applicator for easy usage.

4EVER YOUNG Lash & Brow Wonder is retailed for €29.75.