Lindner Hotel adds €10 million worth of Kölscher touch to their City Plaza property

After four years and €10 million worth of renovation, Lindner Hotel City Plaza has now opened doors in Friesenplatz, Cologne. All six floors of the hotel have been dedicated to Cologne specific themes, namely Cologne Cathedral, Cologne Chocolate Museum, Cologne Zoo, Urban Cologne, 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser and the infamous Cologne Carnival.

LINDNER Hotel City Plaza; Köln; Cologne; CGNCIT; Flur; hl. Köln; 01

“In the last four years, we have managed to make the City Plaza a true Cologne hotel and have interlaced city’s flair into every aspect of the hotel,” said Dirk Metzner, director, Lindner Hotels AG.

LINDNER Hotel City Plaza; Köln; Cologne; CGNCIT; Flur; 4711; 01

Renowned street artist from Cologne, Tim Ossege, was engaged to design the various spaces. All floors of Lindner Hotel City Plaza are decorated with elaborate murals, 3D elements, acrylic paintings, graffiti and historical posters. Hotel’s lobby and dining areas have also had a facelift, and now feature similarities with typical BüdcheVeedelsmaat and Veedelseck. 

LINDNER Hotel City Plaza; Köln; Cologne; CGNCIT; Flur;Schokoladen Museum, 05

Business needs are also taken into account and the hotel has a dedicated convention area for up to 1400 people, conference rooms from 14 to 300 professionals, and creative spaces for smaller sessions.

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