Most of us know what it takes to have younger looking, dewy and ageless skin – 1.5 liters of water a day, five portions of fruit and vegetables, and 30 to 60 minutes of exercise. But in reality, how many of us actually do it? I, for one, don’t. And that is why Mother India packed me a bag of supplements – Calc 1000, iron, multivitamins, etc, to keep me alive. I am not proud of my slothish habits and making amends as I type this out. Honest.

Most women I know take supplements in one form or another. In fact, one of our contributors and my dearest friend, Fatma Khalil, is a pill popping champion and even has a capsule filling machine to make her supplementation even easier. She is the good kind of pill popper though, don’t worry! Fish oil capsules and such. Another friend of mine is a big fan of kraseyfit beauty supplements. Recently I have also been doing some research into liquid supplements. Some people find it difficult to swallow pills and so taking vitamins in a liquid form, which you can see at, offers a potential solution.

Most of the supplement knowledge that I have (which is already awfully limited anyway) belongs to the sub-continent. Brands, what is usually amiss in Asian folks (nutrient wise), dosage, etc. Now that I live in Germany, it is time to explore local options, don’t you think? I’d say alternate to sunshine, for starters.

I recently came across a brand and liked what I saw. Bloom Beauty Essence’s supplements claim to work on your beauty, from inside. Packed with superfoods (such as vitamins A, C, D, E, B12, zinc, folic acid, biotin, and selenium, as well as ingredients like extracts from guava, amla, microalgae, pomegranates and phytoceramides). The little day-beauty pills focus on skin regeneration while shielding the skin against adverse environmental conditions that our skin is daily exposed to. Mine probably needs sheltering from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

There is a dragee for night too, which works on circulation, moisturising and skin tightening. Main ingredients for the night version include pomegranate and phytoceramides from wheat.

It sounded interesting, and now that I have crossed the lakshman rekha of 30, a nagging voice inside my head constantly whispers to take my diet and exercise regime seriously. Hence the probe and discovery.

I am also intrigued to find out how the supplement quadrum works in Germany – I know for a fact that a lot of people take Vitamin D in winters (note to self: get tested, prescription, buy and consume ). What else? What is the usual diet missing? You tell me, dear residents of the Land. Are you taking supplements? What kind? Let’s hear it.