Cinedom Cologne has started renovations that are expected to complete by end of 2018. Redesign of the foyer, flooring, painting, toilet facilities upgrade and overall revamp are on the cards. However, cinema operations will continue as usual – in fact, prices will be slashed down during the renovation phase!

Refurbishment focuses on elementary aspects, such as escalators, cash registers, and coffers, along with introduction of new machines to automate ticket buying and collection on premises. Also, posters and promotional installations will be upgraded to electronic and projected. Very environment friendly, don’t you think?

Cinema halls will have a makeover with new seats, wallpaper and carpets. And you will be able to get your snacks and drinks from a few more outlets, in addition to lounge catering and seated options.

The big news here is introduction of four new deluxe halls, including recliners, for a superior cinematic experience. They will also be completed and operational around the same time as the rest of it.

Another important announcement is that the Cinedom Cologne is using the renovation phase to invite everyone to experience their facilities by slashing down prices. Children up to the age of twelve and their adult companions will now pay five euros per show. Surcharges such as Dolby Atmos or the newly structured box areas will be reduced to just one euro each.

They have also established special student tariff; after 10PM, from Monday to Wednesday, a ticket without surcharges costs only five euros. On Thursday, this tariff costs seven euros, while the weekend price in the late show is eight euros.