Flamingos at Parco del Delta del Po, the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Fancy flamingo watching on Italian soil? Now is a good time to explore Parco del Delta del Po, the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, as their season begins on 9th September 2018. Tourists can explore the unique landscape by bike, on horseback, by boat or hiking and get to know plants and wildlife up close.

Parco del Delta del Po is Italy’s largest regional park and covers a stately 66,000 ha . Due to Delta’s natural ecosystem, diverse cultural landscapes, and exquisite variety of flora and fauna, the area was recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in June 2015.

There is a whole lot on offer here – lagoons inhabited for centuries by eels, fishing, islands, pine forests, centuries-old trees, jungle of Mesola, and monuments from the Middle Ages, such as the abbey of Pomposa.

The diversity of the water-rich lagoon landscape, which mixes partially fresh and salt water, is home to 370 species of birds, including a colony of pink flamingos. The eye-catchers of the lagoons are often easy to see for hikers and cyclists with the naked eye. The flamingo colony in Po Delta is relatively new as they arrived in 70s and have since made it home.

There are many guided tours organised by Po Delta Tourism, though tourists can easily explore the area on their own. You can hike, cycle, ride a horse, or take a boat trip to cover the distance. Trips to bookmark during your visit to Po include Cycling to the Comacchio saltworks, three-hour Bike and Boat in the Lagoon and in the Saline, Cavallo nel cuore del Delta del Po on horse carriage and food sampling on Vini delle Sabbie.