Flippo Kids GmbH has developed the first highchair of its kind, Flippo One, which fulfils four functions, can be put together without tools and is suitable for children from 10 months (or as soon as they can sit) to 10 years.

Before proceeding, I need to answer an obvious question – why am I talking about a high chair for kids when I am neither a mommy blogger nor do I have children? The reason for my horizon expansion is that I have quite a few mommy readers and I want my content to be all-inclusive. Secondly, I recently witnessed first hand the struggle of a mother to get her child seated to eat/play/find solution to all of world’s problems. So when I came across a product that promised parenting-ease, I had to share it with you.

Now back to Flippo One.

Alexander Haunhorst, managing director at Flippo Kids and mastermind behind Flippo One, focused on individual needs of parents and their children when designing this particular piece of furniture. Four months of hard work resulted in this high birch plywood chair, which features a clear design and pastel shades that will complement most interiors.

What makes this one-of-its-kind is the quadruple usage. First, it’s a high chair with a tabletop and adjustable backrest. Then as your child grows out of baby high chair age-group, simply take the tabletop off and turn it into a high chair.

To turn the high chair into a learning tower (third use), just add the standing surface and you have it ready. Next, if you tilt the chair aside and position the table top at the back as a backrest, you have a seat (fourth use) that can be used by children up to primary school age.

With the innovative plug-in system, all Flippo One variants can be assembled without any tools. There are dots and markings to make it easy for parents to assemble.

I particularly liked the idea of Flippo One as children seem to outgrow everything within months, if not weeks. This piece of furniture promises to stay relevant for years, and comes with a five-year warranty.

Flippo One will be available online (www.flippo-kids.com) from October 2018 in white, turquoise and rosé for an estimated price of 250 euros.