Schools are open and time is just right for serious binge watching Mommies. If you are bored of Netflix and Amazon Prime (tall order, I know), you can tune in to MTV to indulge in some guilty pleasures. Here is what’s on TV in August and September, in case you were wondering:

Ex on the Beach - MTV Germany

Ex on the Beach US: Summer might be over in the land of wurst but it’s still warm in Hawaii and it will get warmer as 10 single bods strut around on your TV screen. Temperature and tempers rise as their exes enter the scene. Catch all the action from August 29th, every Wednesday at 22:00.

Fear Factor with William Cohn - MTV Germany

Fear Factor: Adrenaline rush comes back with Fear Factor’s second season, with William Cohn steering us through a charade of fear and nausea. The season will premiere on 8th September, and will run on Saturday at 21:10.

Just Tattoo of Us - MTV Germany

Just Tattoo of Us – Charlotte Crosby is back with new episodes of her crazy tattoo show, and this time she’s got Scotty T. by her side. This is the kind of show where friends quickly become enemies and drama is abundant as the daring candidates get the tattoo of their lives, chosen by their partner, best friend, sister or brother. You can watch it from 18th September, every Monday at 22:00.