We stopped by at Vintage Cafe SMCHS for lunch after a long day of running errands. It wasn’t a thought-through choice; we planned on going to Nando’s and changed plans at the eleventh hour. It’s good to try new places every once in a while, right?

Decor and Ambiance:

A lowly lit restaurant with cosy seating, spread across two floors, Vintage is a modern establishment designed for couples and small groups. It is ideal for dinners as the decor complements evenings – minimalistic, chic and modern.


We ordered Pasta Arabiata, Moroccan Chicken with garlic rice and Cheese Overload with a side of fries. Water and fresh mint lime for drinks. Everything tasted fresh and well-prepared. I found lemonade slightly over-priced (Rs.350 each), though felt great in scorching heat. I loved Arabiata the most, followed by Moroccan Chicken and then Cheese Overload.


I have recently found a certain uniformity amongst entries in Karachi when it comes to taste, so it is the little things that make all the difference. For Vintage, it was the service. All servers were relatively young and proactive with their assistance. We had an 18-months old baby with us and they were very accommodating. Vintage is not a place for children but if you do have a baby with you, they will be taken care of.


I would go back to Vintage Cafe as they menu is expansive and there is a lot more to try out – especially pancakes for breakfast.

Rating: 8/10