7 Din Mohabbat In

Cherry Cross, in cooperation with Ishq Magazin, is giving away tickets for the screening of “7 Din Mohabbat In” in Berlin and Munich!

It is for the first time that a Pakistani movie is being screened across major cinemas in Germany, and we are proud to be supporting this new wave of acceptance and appreciation for Pakistani films in the country.

I am sure that you will go to watch the movie anyway, but to make this milestone extra special, we are giving away 10 tickets. We will randomly select a winner from Berlin and another from Munich; each will get 5 tickets to enjoy the movie with family and friends. Simple, eh?

Now, how to get your hands on them tickets:

  1. Show some “social” love (jo dikhta hai woh bikhta hai). Follow Cherry Cross and Ishq Magazine on Instagram. Done? Okay, good.
  2. Comment with your FULL NAME and CITY in the comment box below (please keep scrolling; you will find it, I promise).
  3. After you are done with step 1 and 2, you can either wait for 15th June 2018 to find out if you got lucky, or increase your chances by sharing the posts publicly on Instagram. Brownie points for also following us on Facebook (acha, sorry).

Get going already dude! Aunty Sakina has already followed, liked, commented, reshared, tagged 17 of her friends and is now stalking us on Facebook.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Details of tickets for 7 Din Mohabbat in are as follows:
    • Berlin screening: Berlin Potsdamer Platz CINEMAXX – 18 June 2018 – 19:30
    • Munich screening: München CINEMAXX – 18 June 2018 – 17:00
  2. Decision for winners will be final and not open to contest
  3. If the winner does not get in touch within 24 hours, s/he will lose the claim and another winner will be announced.