Most cities have a centre for tourists and another one for locals/residents. Considering the lineup of restaurants (including Herr Pimock) and bars at Aachenerstraße, I am starting to believe that it is the place to be at if local flavour is what you are after. About 10 mins on foot from Friesenplatz, it is convenient and well connected.

Vibe Detector:

Back to Herr Pimock – the venue was a random selection for dinner by a friend. It is nestled at the end of a restaurants-populated street. In addition to the indoor seating, it also has an outdoor setup, which was filled to the brim as sun has been rather generous with Cologne in last few days.

We had reserved a table, and I would recommend that you do the same if you intend on dining here. The place fills up fast, and for a good reason.

Designed for a shabby-chic vibe, the restaurant has a bar in the center, with seating all around. Furniture is an interesting mix of flea-market-meets-collector-items. I loved the art adorning its walls; I wish I could speak to the owner to find out if there’s some history to it.


On to food now. Our table ordered salads, Flammkuchen, burgers and a pie (that looked like a cake slice, but was a pie, or so Ines said). The portions were generous and the taste was, at best, average. There was nothing wrong – it was plated right, tasted fresh and and was aptly satisfying. However, there wasn’t anything special. I won’t make a trip to go back, but if I were nearby, I wouldn’t mind dropping by for a quick bite.

What works for Herr Pimock is the energetic yet casual vibe. There is enough chatter around that you might have to raise your volume to speak to someone a chair away. The crowd is young, drinks arrive quickly and servers are attentive.

So, what’s the verdict? A nice local joint for Wednesday night burger cravings.