Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

You might have seen me hanging out with a cute guy on CC’s social media channels. That’s N. For those who don’t know him, he’s my Mister, mijazi khuda and tech-for-free outlet. He’s naturally curious and uncovers mobile applications that you wouldn’t think you need, let alone that someone would have gone through the trouble of creating them.

He does it out of his love for tech and underdogs. So, after successfully pimping out his good looks, I am onto peddling his knowledge for your (and mine) benefit, with an ad-hoc series of App Recommendations. These would include mobile applications that have made my life easier in one way or another, some of these apps make N wonder just how much load testing and mobile app performance testing they’ve endured as the traffic some must receive must be a phenomenal amount.

Nouman Zakir and Shaheen Rajan
Mister (involunatrily) in the house!

I am torn between creating a separate post for every app or just updating one single post (like this one) every time Mister discovers a gem.

I have three apps in mind, but I will start posting next week. Until then, you can let me know (via comments below) what you prefer. After all, you my dear reader, are all that matters here. Lots of love!