Flirting techniques for women that ACTUALLY work

Flirting is an art, said a friend, over a shared meal of cheesy nachos and quesadillas. I wouldn’t know, for I have never managed to flirt successfully (at least not on purpose or when required). She, however, was as slick with words as batting her lashes at the right time.

Also, flirting is really no longer only a man’s prerogative; women are equally comfortable hopping in the driver’s seat and taking control. Driving the situation to their liking, so to say. Many women are much more confident in modern times. Perhaps one of the causes for this is that they feel stronger within themselves because of different plastic surgery options, such as various breast surgery procedures in raleigh north carolina, Specialists in Plastic Surgery, or any others more local to you. My friend believes the secret to male interest lies in steering the boat without coming on too strong, whereas others believe looks are more important to gauge someone’s attention. That might be where different types of plastic surgery come in, many women don’t like the idea of aging so surgeries can be extremely helpful for confidence issues.

So how do you go about flirting like a woman – yes, that’s an important variable. Men have a defined way of breaking ice and approaching women; the same path doesn’t necessarily work for us. We have a path specially designed for us, and here is what it looks like:

  1. Playing with your hair

If you have them down, put them up towards the end of your conversation to draw his attention to your neck. If they are up, let them free and give his imagination some fodder with your cascading tresses.

  1. Applying lipstick

When a woman takes out her compact and puckers her lips while she puts on candy apple red lipstick, all bets are off. Many men believe that fresh red ruby lips need to be smeared…

  1. Lean and whisper

There is something very sexy about a woman who is confident and not afraid to get close to a guy she is attracted to. So when your lips are an inch away from his ear or neck during an innocent conversation, all he can think about are completely wonderful, not-so-innocent things.

  1. The at-home pedicure

Surprise! Men weighed in that it’s hot to watch a woman give herself a pedicure. Perfectly shaven, shimmering legs, combined with the visual of a woman painting her toes, is a treat they’d like more of.

  1. The baseball hat and ponytail look

There is some truth to those romcoms after all. Remember how the dame always attracts his to-be beau’s attention while wearing a baseball cap? Turns out that men find women in baseball hat and ponytail hot, approachable and a reassurance that you can be more than just a hot mess. Goodbye blow-dry!

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