Review: TheBodyShop’s All-In-One BB Cream

I have been a Pond’s Flawless Radiance BB Cream loyalist for many years. They discontinued it in many parts of the world, though the Flawless White version is widely available. It didn’t work as well for me as the Radiance, and I am now forced to look for alternatives. Also, Ponds BB Cream are hard to come by in Germany any way, be it Radiance or Whiteness.

I recently bought The Body Shop’s All-in-One BB Cream. The consultant at the outlet skin tested it on my wrist, and the shade seemed alright. It claims to adapt to your skin colour, (please don’t ask me how), so the white creamy texture did not surprise me. And when the lady wiped off the cream from my wrist, it was indeed brown. It’s either science or magic. I am sticking to former.

First time that I wore it publicly was with minimal makeup – kohl, blush and lip stain. It looked alright, though I was surprised at the lack of coverage. It did say light to medium coverage, but this was more like tinted moisturiser instead of BB Cream.

The next day, I used a little more product for better coverage to complement eyeshadow and contouring addition to my face. But instead of better coverage, it made me at least a shade or two tanner than I am, with an unflattering orange tone. An utter fail.

The cream promises moisturised skin for up to 24 hours, and stands true to its claim. However, you might need to dab off the sheen after a few hours if your have normal-to-oily skin.

Unfortunately, The Body Shop’s BB Cream did not do it for me. The shade discrepancy was a deal breaker, followed by lack of coverage. I have already used it thrice with different makeup styles, so this one is a not making it to my repurchase list.

This also means that my hunt for the perfect BB Cream is still on. So if you have any suggestions, please do drop them in the comment box below.

P.S. If you are in the UAE or India, do give Ponds Flawless Radiance BB Cream a try. It is the best that I have used to date. I have posted a picture in my insta stories for the one I used – there are a few variations in stores.

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