Restaurant Review: Osman30, Köln

For our 5th anniversary, Mister took me for dinner to Osman 30. It was a surprise, so I had no expectations. He only said, ‘wear heels if you feel like it’.

We drove to Media Park, and started walking towards Cologne Tower – the second tallest building in the city. First one is the Cathedral, so does it even count?

We saw a sign board that said Osman 30, with wooden furniture stacked untidily on the pavement. My heart sank just a little for it looked like an average Turkish restaurant. I have a thing for grand gestures. A note was plastered on the glass door, directing to an alternate entrance. We entered the lobby from the Cologne Tower, and then towards the entrance of Osman 30. It was a dark restaurant, and the host asked for our name for reservations. And from there on, began the surprise.

We got into an elevator that took us to the 30th floor. That was the first surprise – Cologne has a non-existent skyline, which means high-rise buildings are few and far in between. We entered into a brightly lit restaurant, which had an occupancy of 85% at that hour – it was 7PM on a Friday evening. In another 45 minutes, every table was occupied. So, make reservations if you plan on dining at Osman 30 please.

The menu allows you to either individually choose from starters, mains and dessert, or opt for three-course gourmet meal costing 49€. We skipped starters and ordered mains – Filet of eagle fish (shade fish) with potato and olive ragout, spinach leaves, and smoked tomato jush, and Tournedo of premium fillet of beef, asparagus, and strudel bag with Portweinjus.

All meals are prepared fresh and the serving time can go up to 30 minutes. But it is worth the wait. The fish had subtle flavour, whereas the beef fillet was done just right (and the sauce was the game changer, so be generous).

Dessert was replaced with hot chocolate and mint tea. There are cheese platters to share, which looked great and I saw many tables opt for it. So if you are a cheese connoisseur, do check it out.

After the meal, we stepped out on the terrace and it offers the most beautiful view of Cologne. You can see the city, take pictures, smoke or just hang out if the weather is pleasant. It is the most spectacular spot that I have been in Cologne.

Verdict: The venue is a winner, and I would definitely return for the views. The cuisine itself isn’t my favourite and I found the interiors predictable – almost industrial. Like a lobby lounge in 4 star hotel. So that can definitely use some help. But the views and experience of finally being higher than 15 floors in Köln did it for me. Remember grand gestures and all?

I am looking for more such places in K-ton (Koeln, not Karachi, just to clarify). Any suggestions are welcome guys.

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