Colourful, Rangeela or Gulabi Shaheen?

Shaheen Nouman Rajan

Jeez, that sounds like a title of some erotic literature. Sorry.

A few days ago, over hummus and cappuccino, Sabeel and I were discussing the future of Cherry Cross. I was going to have enough time to focus on it and decided to do something special to mark my return to blogging full-time. And this is how we came up with #ColourfulShaheen.

I, like many of you, love black when it comes to wardrobe preferences. So much so that, without realising it, it took over most of my closet. If you scroll through my Instagram feed, you will also notice exactly what I saw – black, black and then some more black.

To change that, add colour to my feed and celebrate the changing season, I created a month-long, #ColourfulShaheen challenge.

It requires the person to dress in colours for a month. Every outer piece of clothing needs to be anything but black. The only exceptions are innerwear, stockings, shoes, makeup and accessories. Clothing is the focus.

I will start this challenge tomorrow, that is April 5th 2018, and go on until May 4th 2018. I might have a cheat day on 13th April 2018, as I already have a dress for a special occasion.

This is not life changing exercise, but a fun activity that may help push you out of your black comfort zone into a world of colours. You are more than welcome to join me and my friends, and tag your pictures with #ColourfulShaheen. I will try my best to return the love and repost them all.

#ColourfulShaheen hashtag has a logic, and not a product of my narcissism. Shaheen is one of the fastest member of the animal kingdom, with blackish upperparts, rufous underparts with fine, dark streaks, and white on the throat. It also happens to be my name. How incredible would it be to colour this ferocious little bird with spring and cheer? Hence, came the name.

As an afterthought, I could have gone creative and titled the challenged #RangeeliShaheen or #GulabiShaheen. But then, my mom might not have found it as amusing as I do, so #ColourfulShaheen it is.

I am equal parts excited and anxious. I certainly don’t have enough colourful clothes and I need to blackmail my friends into participating. I do have my work cut out for me; I am counting on your support to see this challenge through.

Let’s do the colours!

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