I came across Cana’s catering at an Iftar last year, which was hosted for over 300 diplomats. I knew the quality of food will be at par with the reputation of the host, but the food exceeded all presumptions. It was a beautifully laid our spread of all sorts of Emirati delicacies, from hummus, Mutabel and Baba Ghanoush to Mansaf Kharouf, Betenjan Mahshi and grilled lamb chops.

Later, I found out that they were a preferred caterer for most Middle Eastern institutions and businesses in Berlin. In the course of last 12 months, I have enjoyed their food at various events, and finally decided to have a team dinner there last week. Yes, it is that good – my German, Dutch and Italian colleagues got on board instantly. We went on a week night, and the place was packed. So recommendation number one, make a reservation.

We ordered  a variety of main courses, and a serving of Fattoush for starters. They also have combi menus, with regional focuses, so you can give that a try as well. We chose a la carte.

Everything was delicious. We had Mixed Grill Platter, Falafel-Vegetable Medallion, Betenjan Khudar, Grilled vegetable and Grilled jumbo shrimps. Unfortunately, there was no room left for dessert. This might be a good problem to have though.

All this food, along with a bottle of red wine (shared between three), two cocktails and a glass of tap water costed us 147 Euros.

Cana also offers lunch buffet and Sunday brunch, but I haven’t heard many good things about them. Typical buffet problems – not enough variety and not enough food. So if you decide to give it a try and in a mood to splurge some, go for a la carte.

Will I visit again? Hell yeah! Would I recommend it to you? Of course! The excessive use of exclamation marks should communicate my conviction in case words have failed.

While you are making up your mind about when should you visit Cana, check out some venue and food pictures (courtesy Cana) for that extra push: