Red Hair Code of Conduct: 9 must-have style updates (from head to heels)

Hair have been an important aspect of how I see myself. They have been my playground and a tool for rebellion. I have often changed my hair after a milestone event, or simply because I was bored. They have been a good sport, and handled my manhandling well.

During my recent trip to Pakistan, I decided to play around once again with my hair. I was toying between chopping them to a lob or colouring them mahogany brown. I knew that I had to stick to something conservative because of my line of work, but I was aching for something fresh. A friend suggested red and on whim, I agreed.

12 hours later, I was a red-head. Who says Taureans can’t be spontaneous?

I have had red hair before but this time, it was a lot more pronounced, and got mixed reactions. Most appreciated it, or gave me underhanded compliments – like German (my BFF), who thought I looked like a Russian prostitute (no offense intended).

My personal style credo allows for one, or at max two, statements in a look. With red hair as a rather constant statement, a lot of things had to change (if not go!). If you are considering red hair, read ahead to prepare yourself for some minor and major changes you might have to undertake:


1. I avoid brown with crimson undertones, purples and red. With my dusky skin colour and red hair, it’s an aesthetic sore to my own eyes.

2. An OTT print (think paisley lawn kurta in parrot green and fuchsia) is often a little too much. If you must wear something as loud as that, go easy on accessories and makeup. Make that very easy.

3. Black and white are your best friends. Like always.


4. The day after I got my hair coloured, the first thing I bought were pale brown lip pencil and nude matte lipstick. The consultant at Beauty Bay recommended Sweet Touch London Lip Pencil 830 Cocoa and Sweet Touch London 725 Matte lipstick. I already had pink nudes and a dark brown matte in my stash. I have been alternating between them. I also braved oxblood, with no-makeup makeup. But bright reds, pinks, purples, blues and greens aren’t my friends anymore.

5. I have downsized my eyeliner collection to black and grey. Also, with nudes being my everyday preferences, I have rekindled my love affair with kohl and black rimmed eyes – flashback from teen years. Currently, I am alternating between Maybelline Kohl and grey, with a generous application of L’Oréal Paris False Lash Superstar X Fiber. LOVE THAT MASCARA!

7. For blushes, I am most comfortable with natural browns or orange. Latter might sound slightly odd, but it works so well. Trust me. I bought Essence Shape Your Face Contouring Palette on a whim and love it. The shimmer is useless but bronzer and blush are beautiful.


7. You know that I love accessories – the chunkier the better. While I haven’t divorced the chunky pieces, I certainly keep them to a minimum, and only with monochrome. Or maybe print with statement earrings.


8. Yes, I did buy a whole set of hair-friends to keep my mane in control. I bought Schwarzkopf Supersoft Colour Shine Red Berries Shampoo, Garnier Fructis Color Shield Conditioner, L’Oréal Paris Elvital Color-Glanz Intensiv-Pflegemaske, and Balea Schaumfestiger Color & Care. Does that mean my hair are supple, sans split ends? Amm no. Unfortunately. Colour will always make you pay the price, and split ends are a nightmare.


9. Who could have guessed that the colour of my hair would make me think twice about lacquer for my nails? Gone are my days of yellow and red nails. I am more often in black clipped claws now than ever before. Current favourite – Sweet Touch London EZ breathable nail colour in Aces.

Bonus: even though I penned down this code of conduct, I would also be the first person to tell you that there are no rules when it comes to fashion and personal style. You can ignore all the above if they don’t help you feel fabulous. Please be my guest.

And now, some more random pictures for you:

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