I have always associated a certain, not-particularly appealing image to the kind of people who drink beer. A big white man, who flushes crimson every time that the temperature goes above 28℃. He watches football, with a bag of Doritos on his beer belly, and hands occupied with shuffling between a 0.75ltr beer glass and remote control. For someone who has been subjected to stereotypes all her life, I have clearly learned nothing.

Anyway. In a desperate attempt to meet bloggers in Berlin, I joined an event at Straßenbräu – brewery and bar, organised by Took Took Berlin. It was a Saturday afternoon, and I thought, “how crazy can it get?”

Clearly, I underestimated Germans. Timo Thoennißen greeted us with what he called a breakfast beer – Vanilla Dream on Nitro. It had deep undertones and warmth, similar to aged red wine. One after the other, Timo brought in an eccentric variety of beers, each punching my stereotype harder and harder in the gut.

Not only were they served in beautiful tulip shaped glassware, the taste was so delicate and distinct that it was almost as good as a glass of wine. Following Nitro dream were Beerengarten, Mango Ayran (yup, mango AND ayran), and a ladies’ favourite – Doppelsap.

Fun fact – one of the brewers voiced her observation about women and their choice of beers. Women, according to her, chose drinks with higher alcohol content so that they can reach that happy tipsy place with a glass or two, instead of stuffing themselves with glass after glass of bubbly sunshine.

Along with the selection of beers, Straßenbräu also stands out for the quality of service. Menus have details about ingredients and flavours, and the serving staff are more than happy to engage and help you choose the right drink for you. The bar can seat approximately 30 people, and has cozy, warm interiors.

True story: I was hosted and did not pay for my drinks. But I would definitely go again, with people who enjoy beer, and indulge in Vanilla Dream on Nitro. It was so good!

The fact that Timo talked us through the process, with infectious enthusiasm, made the experience a treat to cherish. You can also experience the same with a beer tasting or course if you like.

Good to know: Brewing beer with low alcohol content is a lot more difficult than ones with higher percentage.

I wanted to post their address as well, but that might sound a lot like a sponsored post (which this is NOT), so be a dear and google Straßenbräu Berlin.