Richard O’ Brien’s infamous Rocky Horror Show is touring across Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and I had the pleasure of watching it at the 108-years old Admiralsplast Theatre in Berlin last week.

It is a musical drama about Brad and Janet, recently betrothed, who encounter a flat tyre on an unusually rainy night and look for shelter at Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s spooky house. Little do they know that the transvestite scientist has a plan, an agenda and unveiling of his master creation planned for his unsuspecting visitors.

I will let you find out on your own how the story unfolds and a gorgeous young, bronze, adonis-alike man with rippling six packs (or was it 8?) breaks the heart of his creator; I was more besotted with the stilettos and fishnet stockings, appearances of bralettes from 1930, and singing marvels than the story itself, than the young man, truth be told.

The performers are a group of extremely talented artists, who have worked very hard to perfect every single expression and move. The costumes were often hilariously crass, which enhanced the performance and humour.

Should you go watch it? If you have a sense of humour and solid sensibilities. Bits of it did push the envelope for me, but my sensibilities are a lot less sensitive and nudity doesn’t shock me anymore. If you can relate to it, then definitely give it a try. I absolutely loved the Master, and would suggest the show for his incredible performance alone.

A little about Admiralsplast – Google tells me it was opened in 1910, and the antediluvian interiors now make sense. Fixtures similar to candelabras light up the 1756-seat theatre, with an inordinate chandelier for a luxe vibe. During the show, audience also experience slight rain, confetti and flying cards to extend the feel all the way from the stage to the last seat.

I was invited to accompany a friend for the show, but if you would like to buy a ticket, you can check out at