Fashion Find: Weekday

Conscious fashion is no longer a cult movement, or a choice only made by animal lovers or nature protectors. Items like recycled jackets are wanted by all types of people nowadays! The level of awareness and obligation for producers to reveal ‘who, what, how and where’ makes it impossible to look away from the heartbreaking realities of most major street fashion brands and just indulge in cheap, fast fashion.

Confession – I am guilty of trying to look the other way and not acknowledge the atrocities that children, animals and general workforce has had to endure at the hands of many fashion giants. My reasons were the high retail prices and lack of aesthetics that resonated with my personal style. But the awareness had crept in, despite my resistance, and I am trying to be somewhat sustainable in my fashion choices and on a lookout for brands I can bookmark.

Weekday fits the bill on both accounts – fashion that I can opt for and sustainable practices BTS. I came across the brand’s store in Cologne, while strolling around Ehrenstrasse last Saturday. It is a two floor outlet, with a variety of clothes and accessories for men and women. For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, Weekday is a Swedish denim and fashion brand that claims to be influenced by youth culture and street style.

The collection in stores at the moment is chic, with solid colours, an occasional faux Lamé, and a rendezvous with the slogan trend. Silhouettes are rather young at heart, with asymmetrical hems and inflated shoulders for an exaggerated statement. I found some pieces difficult to style, and took inspiration from Weekday’s website. However, to make this brand work, you just need to remember that there are no fashion rules to follow. It is self-expression in its most no-nonsense form, and you can literally do whatever comes to you naturally.

There is also a weekly concept called Zeitgeist, which is a collection that is inspired from current events in popular culture and society. This is a dream rack for slogan-tee lovers. Here are some of my favourites:

If there is one fool-proof item you can purchase from Weekday, it is their knits. They are mostly classic and monochrome, and can become your wardrobe staple effortlessly.

Now let’s talk a little about sustainability. Yes, the brand is committed to a set of values, which includes no child labour, no forced, bonded or prison labour, no excessive working hours, payment of at least the minimum wage (a wage someone can live on), only use skins from stocks reared for meat production, and do not use furs.

Weekday has stores across Europe, including Germany, and you can find their stores in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt and Hamburg.

I am not a 100% convert to sustainable fashion, but I am definitely trying to make conscious choices and avoid fast fashion when I can. The only way to compel producers to treat people, animals and environment right is to communicate your stance via drop in their sales. Also, I am also going to try and support brands like Weekday, that go an extra mile to respect our ecosystem and all that inhabit it.

Also, sustainable is the new cool. Just sayin’!

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