Simply Keto – a 100% Keto cafe in Berlin

I have been on and off the keto wagon for some weeks now. I need to get disciplined and follow it religiously (at least until sari-wearing season is over), but consistency is not one of my finer traits, as you probably know by now.

Anyway. There has been a lot of talk about ketogenic diet recently across most media platforms, and credible channels like CNN and BBC have reported its many health benefits. There has been debate about the nutrisystem vs keto diet, with the latter diet using fats to fuel the body, instead of carbs; it is particularly helpful for people who struggle with insulin resistance.

Many cafes have sprouted across the globe, including Karachi and Berlin, which offer keto menus, whereas some restaurants exclusively offer keto food. It makes me wonder what it would be like to plan on opening coffee shop franchises of my own sometimes. Back on track, Simply Keto in Berlin belongs to the latter category, with a menu for breakfast, main course, desserts and beverages, all keto-friendly. If you are in Karachi, head to Neco’s or FLOC for keto friendly food (links at the bottom). It must be said that Berlin is surely the coolest city in the world to live in. The stunning apartments offered by JLL Residential Development Germany are the icing on the cake.

Simply Keto is located on Invalidenstraße, and has both an outdoor and indoor seating option. It has a casual, bright vibe, with mouth-watering desserts on display. I went with a friend, and we got two coffees (with milk), lemon cheese cake and Lebkuchen.

Closest keto-approved cappuccinos I have had to date.
Closest keto-approved cappuccinos I have had to date.

My coffee was deliciously close to cappuccino. Ketogenic diet doesn’t allow for milk, but the Simply Keto coffee with milk is a cappuccino that keto dreams are made of. They also have bulletproof coffee, which I intend to try on my next visit.

Delish lemon cheesecake at Simply Keto, Berlin.
Delish lemon cheesecake at Simply Keto, Berlin.

Although I have never been a fan of cheesecakes, I really liked the lemon cheesecake at Simply Keto. It had the creamy smoothness with lemon zest, and the combination worked splendidly.

Winter staple at Simply Keto Berlin – Lebkuchen.

Lebkuchen, which is essentially gingerbread with a thin chocolate film on top, was also pretty good, although it did not fare very well with my partner in food-crime. It reminded me faintly of spekulatius – I was ADDICTED to them last christmas, and couldn’t get enough. It had similar flavouring, though I found it a little dry and crumbly inside. But I would have them again – it’s winter and they are so comfortingly warm.

Dessert options at Simply Keto Berlin.

When it comes to pricing, it is slightly more expensive than other cafes, but if you have ever done Keto, you would know that keto ingredients are generally expensive. I paid about 15 Euros for 2 coffees, slice of lemon cheesecake and gingerbread. Pretty good if you ask me.


  • Location: 3.5/5
  • Ambiance: 3.5/5
  • Food: 4/5
  • Service: 3.5/5
  • Value for money: 4/5

Bonus: They have a corner dedicated to Keto shop, where you can get your hands on keto snacks, MCT oil, almond and coconut flour, among other things.

Keto Shop at Simply Keto Berlin. Picture courtesy Simply Keto Facebook.

Will I be going again? HELL YEAH!

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