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I thought my days of writing ‘What’s Up’ posts are truly over; I had committed to serious blogging and creating quality content. And in pursuit of this self-imposed benchmark, I managed about one blog post a month. So much for being a serious blogger, right? Hence (don’t flinch; I will use this word until Oxford disowns it), the ‘What”s Up’ post.

Cherry Cross rose from being a dear-diary kind of a blog to a dedicated web space for all things lifestyle, and now back to being dear-diary, until I can find my voice again in this big, beautiful city called Berlin.

After a year of odd freelance projects, travel and pretending to be figuring out my life, I finally put the big girl pants on and moved to Berlin for work. I joined MC Group about nine weeks back, and they have been some of the most intense weeks of my adult life.

I started working in an industry that I am well-acquainted with (PR), but with the kind of clientele that were far too serious in comparison to my previous clients, and with stakes as high as Burj Khalifa. It’s equal parts challenging and exciting, and has given me interesting career aspirations lately – like I wanted to be the Tourism Minister for Pakistan, only to realise that Pakistan doesn’t have a ministry for tourism. Bummer!

Then came the trauma of finding an apartment in Berlin. Truth be told, I didn’t quiet believe the horror stories I read online; in my defense, I have never looked for an apartment in my life. I had no idea what it entailed. To make things worse, I only needed something temporary until N moved. Apartment hopping became my worst nightmare. If you are in Berlin and looking for a place, people you know are your best bet. Online channels are filled with scammers and the filtration process is frustrating to say the least.

While coping with work dynamics, thrill of being in Berlin and exhaustion of looking for a place, I also have to make long distance relationship. This is probably the most difficult morsel to swallow on my plate right now. I mean, look at this face!

As a cherry on top, I screwed up my back (something to do with nerves and muscles), and German medical system just won’t take me seriously. Two weeks of waiting for physiotherapy, one week for MRI, and flat out refusal to let me know exactly what is wrong. Listing possibilities doesn’t cut it. Do you think Pakistani medical system has ruined me? Or the one in UAE – which is fantastic by the way? Food for thought. I might have to go my own way and Learn more about the other physiotherapy clinics out there that might actually take me seriously.

That being said, I hope I can somehow get fast-tracked for it as I am in so much pain! One of my best friends who lives in Ontario told me that she was able to get physiotherapy for her sore back a few months ago and it made a huge difference. You can learn more about the potential health-boosting benefits of physiotherapy here: https://activaclinics.com/locations/brampton-clinic/.

What else? I broke the screen of my Huawei Mate 9 (painful). I am living with a woman who is a fabulous cook (score!). I went to a mosque for iftar for the first time in my life (in the name of experience). There is a legit Pakistani overdose out there if you aren’t careful enough (recovering after the exposure).

That’s my What’s Up for you guys.

(P.S. I rode in a convertible with top down for the first time last weekend. It was AHMAZING! Darling sun has been rather generous this past few weeks. See, there are some upsides to my life as well).

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