A little bit of Dubai in Berlin – if you look beyond the fog

Fact for the day: There are so many similarities in Dubai and Berlin that I can actually love the latter as much as the former.

I have been to Yeditepe Istanbul twice so far, and can’t help compare it to sheesha cafes in Dubai. Situated near Südstern, it is a rather popular joint among sheesha enthusiasts; even on weekdays, it is packed and buzzing.

Summing up my experience for you, for when you are looking for places to hang out at this weekend.


The café has an expansive outdoor seating area, which is a treat during summer, and usually occupied.  It has wicker couches and glass table tops, with cushions and wraps thrown around for a cosy vibe.

Once you step inside, the interiors are done in leather and the lighting in turned down to an exotic mellow. It can house about 50 people in total, and do screening for important sports finales as well.


It is a hookah lounge, and most people go to Yeditepe for sheesha, but they have a menu for food and drinks as well (surprise!!). We tried nachos and cheese sandwiches (although we are all respectable adults) from food menu, and shakes, mojitos and freshies from drinks’ menu. Along with sheesha of course.

I found cheese toasts light and crisp, though the dip was rather stiff. And the cappuccino was good as well.

I am not a sheesha person, so I pulled in two reliable sources, also known as friends, to comment on sheesha and nachos.

“Of all the places that I have been to for sheesha, I love Yeditepe, because it’s considerably light and the tobacco isn’t too hard on either your throat or head. Also, they have lots of refreshing flavours, about 12 I guess, and I could do it for hours without getting heavy headed,” said Tanzeela Chattha.

Recounting his experience with Nachos, Sabeel Asghar commented, “I’m very particular about my nachos. When they are done right, I think they are the perfect food: hot and crispy corn tortilla chips, melted cheese, and then some more cheese. I have tried a few places here in berlin and I haven’t been impressed per se. One day, my friend was crossing the road and saw a whole lot of eyecandies on patio; she followed them in, and the next thing I know, we are both at yeditepe. As she enjoyed what pulled her in, I saw the girl next to me munching on nachos. I ordered them as well, and now we both have a reason to go to yeditepe.

I am confused about Asghar’s reason – girl or nachos? You tell me.


It’s…curt. Male servers can be an eye candy (if you prefer buffed, sharply shaved and gelled hair types), but I found them in a hurry – be it escorting to the table, taking orders, serving or attending. Female servers, in contrast, were extremely charming and made up for lack of smiles from men.

Aren’t women just the best?!


I love the place for it reminds me of Dubai, in terms of vibe and customers. It is a good place to hang out at with your friends, chat, be loud and even play some board or card games.

Picture courtesy: Yeditepe Istanbul

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