17 facts that make us LOVE Anoushey Ashraf

Our girl-crush Anoushey Ashraf turned 30-something today, and we are celebrating it with 17 little and widely known facts that has us entranced for more than a decade! Let’s meet the star who embodies girl-next-door vibe like no other:

  • Anoushey is one of the few VJs who started early but did not ditch education. She did her A-levels privately due to work commitments and personal reasons, and then went on to earn a B.A. degree in English Literature.
  • Her first crush? “My principal’s son in school. I stared at him all the time. And now he stares at me when he sees me”.
  • She is cited as the first female VJ of Pakistan. She is a natural when it comes to hosting, and received immense love and appreciation for her show on Indus Music.
  • She loves collecting watches, swimming and is fond of reading (can devour a big fat novel in less than a day!).

  • She’s host to a norm-defying and content rich morning show, which got a nod of approval from intelligent masses who were sick of weddings at 9AM, and spooky black magic episodes. Titled Chai, Toast Aur Host, the breakfast show is about Anoushey and her life and who and what she comes across in her daily routine. It s aired on Dawn News.
  • She refuses to go to abnormal lengths to look pretty. “I’m more bohemian than anything else. When I host red carpet events and designers dress me up, later I wonder why on earth I wore what I did, or why I didn’t bother to do my hair. I sometimes wish I was a little more hands-on. I see my friends always being particular about it, and putting a lot of thought into the way they do their hair, accessorise and so on. I just can’t be bothered by all that! I’m very happy this way, and the way I look at it, I have a good career and make enough money, so I don’t have the ambition to prove a point. That has never been my agenda.”
  • Marriage is on the cards for this dusky dame, as soon as she meets someone worthy of her. “I have been open to marriage for a while now, and never thought I was too picky, but maybe Karachi just doesn’t have enough nice guys! Some people have an inherent fear of settling down, and I think I am one of them.” When asked as to what is she looking for, she replied, “I’d just like for us to respect each other and be good friends”. Boys, please take notes.

  • She loves to travel, and makes most of every opportunity that helps her wanderlust. She is working on a travelogue in collaboration with an Afghani channel, Tuloo. She has done features for Destinations PK, and has her own blog as well! It’s called The Wandering Pakistani, which offers a unique insight into both conventional travel destinations and relatively unexplored places.
  • One of her most memorable trips was the one when she visited Alizeh in Sweden. They went on a road trip, camped in the forest, drove their car through a wildlife safari, swam in lakes, slept on a random boat in Stockholm and went skydiving. What an awesome experience that must have been!
  • She is crazy about her sister, Alizeh, who she shares her birth date with. Two Arians in the house must have been a handful for their mother!
  • Among many hats that this young fireball sports, one is that of a fashion designer. She has a clothing label, in partnership with her sister, called Block Seven. She started off from Karachi and is planning to expand the business to Lahore and Islamabad in the future.
  • She’s a passionate animal lover, has a rescued a stray black cat called Martin and is the Goodwill Ambassador for The World Wildlife Fund.
  • She can doodle like a boss.

  • While acting runs in the family, it is only her second (or maybe third) love. She made her debut with Saira Kazmi’s production for PTV, but wasn’t seduced by the charm of silver screen. She said, “people keep asking me if I regret that now as you have to be an actor to be regarded as a super-level celeb, but I’m happy with my lot. Perhaps, I’m just lazy and not really pushed enough to pursue a career in acting!”
  • However, she’s set to grace the silver screen once again with an upcoming drama ‘Chinaar Ghaati’, this time with one of her oldest pals, Dino Ali. This will be the first time that the two will be appearing together in a drama serial. Before that they were seen co-hosting “Dost kya scene hai?”. The star cast of this drama includes Dino Ali, Anoushey Ashraf, Tipu Shareef, Alyy Khan, Ali Noor from the band ‘Noori’, Samiya Mumtaz and Shumail.
  • She’s a health aficionado, and generous with sharing her routine. “Overall, the best remedy is a good diet – you are what you eat essentially. Nothing else will work as well, so stock up on your fruits and vegetables”. She makes it a point to get at least six to seven hours of sleep in a day, goes to the gym religiously thrice a week, and takes out time to meditate. Her meals usually include fruits and vegetables, and steers clear of greasy salans and biryanis as much as possible. She tries not to eat carbs after 4pm, and avoids eating anything from a box as that equals processed food.
  • Her secret weapon for lustrous hair? Weekly yogurt mask. Dewy skin? Lots of water.

There is truly so much to love about Anoushey Ashraf; she’s as real as it gets and has managed to stay grounded despite the stardom. We wish her all the more luck, success and travel adventures, along with a fantastic birthday.

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