There are signs of spring sprouting up everywhere, and it fills my heart with utmost joy and optimism to see green and pink taking over brown and barren. Winter was brutal and grey, and I am happy to see it leave. With new season rolling in slowly, it’s time for spring cleaning, and making room for season-appropriate, fashion-forward items. However, not everything needs to be tossed out.

Here are 5 most-loved items in your wardrobe, and their status quo for Spring 2017.

Tights are staying, as long as they are flimsy.

You can still stay warm while being fashion savvy, with sheer tights. They are still in vogue, and were spotted more than a few times on runway for the season. To up your game, pair it with ankle socks and sneakers, or go rogue with mismatching sandals.

Goodbye skinny jeans. You overdid your stay anyway.

Thankfully, stylists are turning their back to winter’s favourite skinny denim. Replacing the staple is ankle length tapered denim, usually paired with a snug or crop top. It is a tough cookie for anyone beyond size 6, so you might need to try out a few alternatives to decide on what works for you.

White makes way for athletic pastels

Almost everyone you know now owns a white pair of sneakers (thanks to Adidas and Kanye West). Their time in limelight has almost come to an end, to be replaced with athletic counterparts (think gym buddies). And if you have had enough of white, feel free to add some colour. You will be safe as long as they are pastels.

Jumpsuits are no one’s friend.

It is perfectly a-okay that jumpsuits are sent back packing to wherever they came from. But if you have invested in one (or more), you can still wear it as long as you pick your extreme side – either go utilitarian and pair them with run-down sneakers and ponytail, or go glam and wear heels, holographic nails and an expensive blowdry.

Give cold shoulder a cold shoulder.

I can be pretty corny, right? Linguistic embarrassments aside, cold shoulders are here to stay for SS’17, but with strap flashing detail. If you see an otherwise fashionable girl sporting a bra-strap with a cold shoulder top, don’t judge. She is on the right side of trends.

You can choose to ignore all the above commandments and hang out in PJs if that’s what floats your boat. No one’s judging. And now, check out this BEAUTIFUL spring moment in Bonn. If not trends, this should excite you about the oncoming season. Streets of Bonn shrouded with cherry blossoms.