Leandre Medine designed shoes and we swooned with longing. The woman clearly wasn’t satisfied with such a superfluous act of surrender; so she designed a collection of coolest cotton t-shirts ever, with 37 unique prints, and has us panting with a reflection of cake in our diluted pupils.

All t-shirts feature either Miss Lee’s signature quirk or proof of her love for cake. They come in not-so-serious white, young beige, midnight blue, cherry red, unpredictable taupe, delicious violet and bubblegum pink. The imagery ranges from standard MR jargon to strawberries, visions, seduction and a nut. Lonesome, golden, splendid nut.

It is humanly impossible for me to pick one or even two favourites from this collection; I couldn’t even if you twisted my arm. Therefore, I shamelessly wash my hands off the herculean task, and present to you the entire range of Man Repeller’s début in apparel (images courtesy MR).

All shirts are priced at $65, and available at MR Bazaar, Canal Street Market, New York. For those far from the land of Times Square and Central Park, there is Monogram – a small start-up brand by Lisa Mayock and Jeff Halmos that produces its own fabric in limited-edition runs in California. There is a catch though – they don’t deliver to Germany, or any other countries besides USA. I suggest you call in favours from long-lost friends, who Facebook told you now lives in some American county.