(Originally posted on 24.02.17; last updated on 03.02.19)

If you are not in Germany, you probably can’t relate to the novelty I feel after finally  finding three salons in Cologne where people have heard of threading – a treatment to get rid of excessive hair on your face (eyebrows, upper lips, etc) using thread.

When I arrived in Cologne, I went to a number of salons, and assumed that they would know of threading. I was terribly wrong. They all championed tweezing, and that never really works for me. It doesn’t have that clean finish or precision; also, I can tweeze at home – why would I go to a salon and pay for it?

After salon hopping for a couple of months, begging Pakistanis in the city for recommendations and putting my FBI-approved stalking skills to use, I finally found not one or two but THREE salons that do a fantastic job with thread.

  • Nazar Cosmetics

A friend recommended Tanvi at Nazar Cosmetics and my brows will forever owe it to her. Tanvi is a professional, who is trained in threading. In fact, that is all that she does – threading. I do message her before going, although appointments aren’t necessary. You can walk in, and might have to wait a little if it’s a busy day.

Full face threading: 22€


Schildergasse 49, 50667 Cologne

+49 1575 4048519
  • Kireini Beauty:

Pei is my go-to person for face waxing. She uses a deliciously aromatic chocolate hot wax, and applies small patches to remove hair. For eyebrows, I alternate between threading and waxing (depending on my pain threshold for the day). What makes Kireini one of my favourites is that you can also have other services, which I have reviewed in detail here. You will need an appointment beforehand.

Full face wax plus eyebrow threading: 25€


Fleischmengergasse 35, 50676 Köln

+49 162 8120467

  • Prince Beauty Shop

Most of Pakistanis and Indians go to Prince Beauty Shop for their hair removal needs. It’s a huge store, selling everything from veggies and lentils to embroidered dresses and traditional sweets, with a salon at back of the store. Another affordable place, where you can get your eyebrows, upper lips and chin threaded for 7€ only. You can walk in for threading, however appointments are recommended for waxing, facials and haircuts.

Full face threading: 15€


Mauritiussteinweg 85, 50676, Köln

0221 17919132

  • Birlik Market, 26 Heidelberger Str., Cologne

(possibly out of operations now)

It’s a small Indian store, with a smaller cubicle at the back for beauty treatments. It can hardly be called a salon, for it’s very small and hardly equipped, but the lady who runs the store (Simran) is a sweetheart and has been my go-to person for threading for almost eight months now. She is extremely affordable, speaks English, Hindi, Punjabi and German, and is very hospitable. Her services range from threading, waxing, facial and eyebrow tattoo, to party makeup and mehndi for weddings.

Full face threading: 12€


Heidelberger Str. 26, 51065 Köln

0176 20781423

  • Chic Saal

(possibly out of operations now)

If you thought I would only take you to back of spice-scented stores, you were wrong. Welcome to Chic Saal. Comparatively expensive to other two, it is a proper salon, equipped with all kinds of tools and fixtures, with trained staff and a wide range of products to use. Face threading at Chic Saal costs approximately 20€; I consider it justified considering it is a proper salon and you can actually feel pampered when you step out. Also, you can get a lot of things done under one roof. They are known for their hair services, so maybe indulge in a blowdry while you are there.

(Note: I went to Chic Saal when they were at Hansaring. They have now relocated and I am yet to visit the new address)


Keupstr. 114, 51063 Köln

0221 71066876

If there are any other hidden gems that I am unaware of but you know all about it, please let me know and share the goodness in comments below. And if you’d like me to be the guinea pig and try something out for you, let me know that as well in comments below.

Happy threading!