I am convinced that Facebook is out to get SnapChat. The company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus VR has been busy releasing updates, one after the other, aiming to capture SnapChat’s market. And make it redundant sooner than later.

Recently, they introduced Instagram stories, and social media enthusiasts had a field day. It has shockingly similar features to SnapChat – instant short videos and photos, which last 24 hours only. It’s just like SnapChat, minus the dog face (THANK GOD!). However, unlike Snapchat, you can actually save the stories that other people post with apps like storiesig. It’s cool I know, especially if you want to save a cool picture one of your friends posted of you both!

Relentlessly trying to innovate, Facebook’s two subsidiaries – Instagram and WhatsApp, released two new updates this week, and I got them yesterday.


Now you can create instant videos and photos, and share them with your friends on WhatsApp. It is an additional vertical (alongside Chat and Calls), and shows you your uploads, followed by that of your friends. You can edit the privacy, and control who sees your statuses and who doesn’t.

In a nutshell, Insta stories on WhatsApp.


If you have been frustrated with the need to pick one perfect selfie or communicate your experience in one or two pictures, your days of annoyance are over. Instagram now allows you to upload a carousel, or album, of upto 10 photos or videos, in a single post. You can edit every picture individually, or apply a single filter to all of them, choose their order, and tag friends in each of them. A single caption and location, as well as likes and comments, will apply to the whole post. For now, all the imagery must be in the square format.

Furthermore, Instagram has also introduced a messaging feature, meaning that users will now be able to chat whilst on the application. Users can send pictures and videos they’ve seen on their feed to their friends, as well as sending normal texts. The only downside of this is that users won’t be able to access these messages on their computers through the app, however, people can get around this by using an instagram messenger. It seems Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular apps, especially with them improving the application significantly with these new features. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a huge increase in users very soon – if you decide to join, you might want to use nitreo or another growth service (does nitreo really work? Apparently so!) to help you get started.

These updates will be rolled out globally in upcoming weeks. Until you get them, stay tuned to our Instagram to see carousels of life in Germany.