I am over the moon, or possibly beyond. Since I was 16, I dreamt of writing for Cosmopolitan magazine. To be honest, I wanted to do a lot more than just write for Cosmo; I wanted to be its Editor, defining trends, writing about relationships, travelling luxe and working 16 hours a day.

So imagine my jubilation when the editor of Cosmopolitan Middle East accepted my pitch for a travel feature. I had planned a trip to Prague, and thought it’d make a great piece for a lifestyle publication. She approved, I undertook the trip and wrote my feature, printed it out to edit (the old school way), and sent it over for approval.

Her reply: “Fab – thanks! Love it.”

It is one of the most precious compliments for me, one that I will cherish for a long time. Anyway. So, lo and behold, the feature came out this month – a four page spread! Huda Kattan is on the cover, which means that A LOT of people are going to buy this particular issue. A home run indeed.

And I am delighted to share the feature, sent by a very old friend from Canada. Trust me, it has been pure magic as far as this piece is concerned. Unbelievable things have happened, and I am ever so thankful.



I hope you enjoy reading it; I’d love your feedback in the comment box below.

Before I sign off, there is one more thing I want to share – please believe that anything can happen. ANYTHING AT ALL. Including your dreams and aspirations. Just go for it. You’d never know what’s possible until you try to reach for it.

Much love,