Women are a strange lot. Fabulous but strange. We are so kind and supportive of our kind, championing girls to ‘reach for the stars’ and ‘living the dream’, but when it comes to our own selves, we are stingy and unforgiving. Somehow, at least most of us, prioritise ourselves at the bottom of the list. Can you honestly tell that the woman in your life (be it a sister, mother, girlfriend, wife or mistress) hasn’t given up on something she loves, for you? Or pushed her needs to the background to make more room for yours? Yea, didn’t think so.

So, this year, I decided (among other things) to shuffle that order, and treat myself to something I want every month. This would not replace impulse shopping sprees or carefully planning visits to buy a dress for a special occasion.

These will be items I wouldn’t think of buying for myself, but would love a person who would gift them to me. Things that when show up on my bank statement might make me feel guilty. But that’s about to change. We are in a new year, and it’s time to do things differently. Can you smell some House of Cards here?

There is another reason for this shuffle, which I earlier planned on skipping, but then thought – what the heck!

Among many of my vices, expectations are one of the worst. I expect a lot, especially from people I love. So these ‘things’ that I want, I somehow expect my loved ones to know about them, and gift them to me. I expect them to somehow know that I want those long boots in lavender from Hunter. Saying it aloud, it sounds ridiculous to even my own ears. So, as a part of the bigger plan, which is to work on my relationships, I have decided to magnanimously spare my loved ones the ordeal of my OTT expectations.

Anyway. Back to treating thyself. So at 3AM, I used a little help from MS Word, and made this sorry-looking blank wish list. I am going to print it out, paste it on my refrigerator with magnets collected during my “exotic” travels, and fill it out as and when I fancy. I plan to put one item against every month, and because there will always be a surplus (of wishes and income), there is a section called ‘Others’.

Treat Thyself - Cherry Cross


So that’s the big plan. It might be a little too MS-Paint looking, but it does the trick. You will have this in front of you, and will serve as a reminder that you are a priority too. Also, that you can take care of your own needs instead of burdening others with your undue expectation. And lastly, there will always be something to be excited about when the horizon looks gloomy.

Now, how about you? Are you keeping up with your resolutions for 2017?  We are a month in 2017 already, and it’s perfectly acceptable to jump on the resolution wagon now.

Lastly, please treat thyself well.