We don’t need to look too far for foolproof style statements for this year – Carrie Bradshaw has it down to T, and that too more than a decade earlier. 2016 was an interesting year as far as trends are concerned, but there is always room for more, in the name of freshening up the wardrobe and indulging in retail therapy. And honestly, I am more than ready to give up on athleisure and puffers, and get cosy with the following trends, worked up like a boss by Sarah Jessica Parker, also known as Carrie Bradshaw.


It may be the year of rooster according to the Chinese calendar, but it definitely is the year of pink if you believe in vogue-trology. From pink mink coats to Oscar de la Renta cinched with a black belt, it’s the easiest colour to wear and effortlessly beautiful.


Step up your colour game and go bold with neon. Yellow and orange are particularly fetching against Asian skin tone, though greens and corals are stunning as well, albeit slightly challenging to style for me.

Boxy Shoulders

Nothing says ‘I mean business’ like boxy shoulders set against tailored silhouette. The trick to make sure that you don’t venture too far off into the man’s world is to keep it together with a belt or throw in a colour that girlville has custody over.


Time to spice up 2017 with good ol’ bustiers. And they don’t have to be conventional at all – look at Carrie throwing in lace, sequins and tulle for a good stylish measure.

Statement Sleeves

This trend is as loved by designers as is by fashion savvy customers, and no one is complaining as it has decided to stay. It gives a simple piece an instant life, and I love how designers are getting creative with it.

Now who’s ready to make 2017 their most stylish ever ladies??!