Being a blogger requires a lot of discipline and dedication, and established bloggers put in many more hours than media gives them credit for. It is easy to write them off as vain and wanna-be-models, but if you ever go behind the scenes, you will see how much hard work goes into creating those perfect Instagram photos – from location scouting to styling outfits, liaising with photographers, makeup artists, photographers and PR professionals.

So, let’s take a moment and applaud all hard-working bloggers out there.

Now, if you aspire to be one, thank heavens and Dreamy Presets for compiling a kit to help you blog like a boss. The kit includes:

  • List of blogger-friendly brands to collaborate with right now
  • 2017 monthly blogger calendar / planner
  • List of top sites to share your blog posts & go viral

You can get the below kit delivered to your inbox for free as well – just signup on Dreamy Preset’s website and have your free ‘Blog Like a Boss’ kit right away.

So, ready? Here you go – time to blog like a boss!



Monthly Blogger Calendar for 2017:



Happy Blogging y’all!